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Travel Questions and Answers

This is a page for questions and answers about traveling or travel related topics. Thinking about traveling? Unsure about your first trip? Do you have questions about anything that is travel related or about working or living on the Road? Want some reassurance, inspiration, advice? Then please ask away! This is a forum of questions that readers have asked me, which I have answered and published here to be of assistance to other travelers. Send all questions to Wade at

Travel Questions and Answers:

General Travel Questions-
How to Start Traveling?- Question from Luis from Argentina who is just looking to begin traveling outside of his home town.
Quit School and Travel- The decision to quit university and travel? I say travel, you will learn more.
Travel is not Dangerous- Fear should not hold you back from traveling the world.
Do you really want to live in the mountains?- Discussion on withdrawing from society and saving the world.
Travel and Shyness- Are there certain character or personality traits that are good for travel?
Wanderlust Cannot Fail- Europe Difficult for Vagabond - Encouragement to a wandering minstrel in doubt.
Fear Not Traveling, Not Travel- Advice on traveling the world.

Questions about travel blogging, website construction, and traveling with a computer-

Blogging about travel preparation- On why it is just as important to write about preparing and saving up money for traveling as it is about travel itself. 
Advertisements and Donations for Blogs and Websites- Offer from Motorcycle Bob of a donation to Vagabond Journey and a discussion of advertisements on blogs and websites.
Problems with Asus Eee PC- Question from Craig of about whether I have had any problems with the Asus Eee PC. I haven't.
International Voltage and Plugs for Laptop- How to charge a laptop computer while traveling.
How to Make Money from a Travel Website- Tips on how to monetize a travel website.

Questions about working or volunteering while traveling-

Travel Work Visas Question- Jonathan asks a good question about working on the Road and if visas are usually needed.
Volunteering at a Tibetan Refugee School- Question from Ke Wu about volunteering at the SOS Tibetan refugee school in Bylakuppe, India.
Archaeology Field School- Question about how to enroll in an archaeology field school and fieldwork as a way to travel while making money to travel.
Archaeology Education and Work- How to get into doing archaeology fieldwork while traveling to make money for travel.
Free Accommodation while Traveling- How to trade websites for accommodation and travel very
How to Become an Archaeologist?- Advice on how to get into professional archaeology fieldwork.
Encouragement to Travel- Assurance that it is possible to find work while traveling.
How to Get Money to Travel- How to fund international travels.
Work in Youth Hostels- How to find employment in youth hostels in Europe.
World Travel for Citizens of India- Ideas on how Indians can travel the world and find work.

Travel Money-
Money for traveling, travel necessities? - Question from Ben about what is needed to travel and how to make money.
Travel and Debit Cards- Should you use a debit card to withdraw travel funds?
Debit Card Loss and Replacement- What to do if you need your debit card replaced while traveling.

Questions about Studying Abroad-
Global College Long Island University- Is Global College worth the cost?
Global College Study Abroad Cost- How can international students pay for Global College?
How to Finance Travels and Study Abroad- How to study abroad.
Scholarship for Travel- Where to travel for a scholarship?
Travel Scholarship Part 2- Second part to the scholarship for travel conversation.

Travel Problems, Hassles, Road Blocks-
How to Avoid Onward Ticket Visa and Airline Requirements- How to attempt to avoid proof of onward travel restrictions.

Travel Itinerary Questions-
Panama Travel Itinerary- Is this a good travel itinerary for Panama?
Travel Managua to San Jose- Travel by bus between Managua, Nicaragua and San Jose, Costa Rica, border crossing, and accommodation.
How to Get to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from Costa Rica- Inquiry about traveling from Costa Rica to Niicaragua.
What to do in Panama?- Suggestions on how to travel through Panama.

Border Crossing Questions-
Panama Entry/ Exit Visa Stamp - Question about whether or not you receive a visa stamp when you enter/ exit Panama.
Travel Managua to San Jose- Travel by bus between Managua, Nicaragua and San Jose, Costa Rica, border crossing, and accommodation.

Questions about Wade-

Where I want to travel most- Question about where I really want to travel.
My Early Travels- The beginnings of the Vagabond Journey story. Provoked by a question from Amanda.
Interview with Wade on Travel An interview about traveling that I did for Travel

Bus Travel-
Bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua- Question about taking the bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

Air Travel-
How to Find Cheap Flights- Some tips on finding cheap flights.

Tattoo Questions-

Tattoos in Hangzhou China- Information about being tattooed in Hangzhou, China
Safe and Clean Tattoos in Hangzhou China- Warning about being tattooed in Hangzhou based on personal experience.
Are Tattoos in China Sterile and Clean?- Question about if Chinese tattoos are clean and sterile.

Friends and Travel Companion Questions-
Travel Friends Contact- How I usually keep in touch with friends that I make while traveling.
Traveling with a Girlfriend- Question from Ben about whether or not he should travel with his girlfriend.

Other Questions-

Philippine Whale Hunters- Reader sends his regard for Song of the Open Road and I question him about Philippine whale hunters.


Travel Questions and Answers
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