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Answer to question about getting tattoos in Hangzhou, China:

Hello Amalia,

I cannot good heartily refer you to a good tattoo parlor in Hangzhou. There are some pretty good artists, but their sterilization procedures are not nearly up to par. The Chinese seem to view infectious disease a little differently than folks do in the west and, although the tattoo artists follow general sanitary procedures, they kind of override it my doing little things that can have pretty nasty health impacts. I remember once I was being tattooed at a parlor on Baochu lu in Hangzhou and everything was going well . . . . until the shop assistant reached into the used needle bin and took out a needle (that had already been used to tattoo another client) and unplugged a clog in an ink bottle (and thus contaminating the entire container). He then proceeded with an attempt to tattoo this contaminated ink into my body. My jaw dropped at seeing this, and I promptly stopped the tattoo before its completion and left the studio.

I would recommend going up to Shanghai to a guy named Johnny Long at:

John Long Tattoo. Address: 264(A) Maoming North Rd, North, Jing'an District Phone: 62717685, 13601761424 Hours: Daily 10am-10pm

I have not been tattooed by him before, but he has a pretty big international reputation, and I would imagine that he lives up to it.

But if you really want to get a tattoo in Hangzhou- I have been tattooed there three times and have not contracted anything (I think?)- there is a parlor on Baochu lu on the right hand side if you are going north and another to the east of Yan'an Lu on Guoming(?) Lu.

Both artists are decent. The parlor on Bauchu Lu is run by a really nice woman, but her boyfriend is a ripe dipshit who seems to fuck everything up (he was the one who stuck the used needle in the ink). I was tattooed there twice and the first time everything went well. Please be sure to push them hard for a cheaper price, as they will probably try to get more money out of you than the tattoo is worth.

At the Guoming(?) Lu parlor the artist is named Yujin and he is a really awesome guy and a good tattooist. I feel a little bad that I cannot fully recommend him, but his sanitation procedures are not exactly too good. He is completely self-taught so I have the impression that he really does not know some pretty basic things about doing clean tattoos, although he is genuinely good hearted guy.

So, that is the advice I can give you. If you look in the More or InTouch magazines (Hangzhou English language magazines) they have a few more studios and exact addresses listed. If you don't already know, you can pick these magazines up anywhere that people speak English . . . .. some restaurants, Reggae bar, Maya Bar, Yan'an Lu etc . . .

Have fun and let me know how you make out!

Wade from Song of the Open Road Travel Blog

Question about tattoos in Hangzhou, China:
Hey i was looking at the website and saw quite a few people had been tattooed in hangzhou. i am here for the next month and im reallllllly keen to get inked well im here. any info or adresses of studios etc would be great.

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Tattoos in China

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