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How to Avoid Onward Ticket Visa and Airline Requirements

Answer: Worry about onward ticket restrictions only when you have to.

Hello Albert,

Don't worry about the onward ticket restrictions with airline and immigration only when you have to. If you have a problem with the airline lie about having an onward ticket, if they further push you for proof then just buy a cheap ticket to a neighboring country (try to get a refundable one if you can). As far as immigration goes, they usually do not asked for proof on onward travel unless you are trying to get into England - they are real asses when it comes to immigration. As far as visas, try to get them without proof of onward travel and fight with them if they give you problems.

This is what I do.

Don't worry, you will seldom be given problems. Visit the related pages below.

Walk Slow,


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Question: How to avoid onward ticket restrictions?

Hi Wade. My name is Albert.

First I want to congratulate you on the lifestyle you are living, I

think you are the envy of many a man from pauper to millionaire.

Travel fever has been building up in me for years. It is all I can

think of. I keep daydreaming of how to travel around the world as

cheaply as possible. Now my dream is becoming a reality in April next

year when I start on my own backpacking adventure.

Unfortunately I wont have enough money for a round the world ticket.

I am planning to buy a single ticket to my first destination Egypt and

then make my own way to Israel and from Israel to Europe and from

Europe to America and South America. But what concerns me is the

onward ticket thing.

Please tell me if I am correct in the following scenario. I buy a

single ticket to Cairo and if they ask for a onward I just say I go

overland to Israel( which is true). And when I arrive in Israel I

just say overland to Syria. Is that the way to do it? Then in Israel

I get a visa for Europe and a onward ticket to America?

I am sorry for all the info but I understand best with practical

examples. I am a South African so I need bloody visas for almost

every country.

Keep up the good work on budget travel, much appreciated here!



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Wade from has been on a continuous walkabout around the world for more than 9 years- over forty countries on five continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email
How to Avoid Onward Ticket Visa and Airline Requirements




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