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From Wade about the importance of Blogging about travel preparation:

Hey Man,

I think the saving up and preparing for travel is just about as important and interesting as the traveling. It is the real life of it, you know. I would love it if you put The Road Less Traveled back up there and write all about the ways that you are saving up the bean money for the Open Road. Andy berated me a little the other day for not making it too clear how I get my money to travel, and I think he is right. . . I am sometimes a little vague about it. Working and saving money for travel is what people are interested in finding out about, that is why they read travel blogs, he told me. I must agree with him. How to find work while traveling and ways to save up money for traveling is what people really want to know about. I think this is the information that people could use most. There are tons of travel sites out there that only talk about the beautiful and easy sides of traveling, and very few that talk of the dirt and the work that has to be done to have money to travel. The dirt can be made interesting too  .. ...Like, I would love to read about a kid from the States who is living a completely Spartan lifestyle- denying himself every indulgence and working 70 hours a week doing anything he can to save up the money to travel. It would outline a path, a way for other travelers to follow. Which, in the end, is the main reason for travel writing. I mean, writing about travel preparation would essentially be sharing a lifestyle that is the complete opposite of how kids generally live in the USA. You could go out and write about working in the fields with the Mexicans, doing day-labor construction, odd-jobs, and basically living the vagabond life at home. This is how it is going to be when you start traveling.. .. so you may as well begin living like this now.

I have an idea . .. .you are a student, right?

Work your butt off doing anything you can from now until summer . .. then take an archaeology field school in May or June . .. . and I will see what I can do about getting you a good, decent paying, traveling job in archaeology. This will get you the funds you need for travel.

Let me know if you are interested . .. . .just an idea.

Have fun,


Byron about why he deleted his blog:

Unfortunately, The Road Less Traveled is no more. I
deleted it due to the fact that I have nothing
interesting to write about at the moment. But I am
going to start up another blog as soon as I start
traveling, so keep an eye out for that. Actually, I
might start it up fairly soon, just because I feel the
need to write and it will also be good practice :D

I guess I can sometimes be a little harsh in my
opinions. And what Andy lacks in his writing skills
and grammar, he definitely makes up for in quantity
and quality of information. He is like a walking,
talking guidebook, full of helpful advice. haha.

I have been doing alright, just doing the day-to-day
usual grind, you know. I just decided to drop out of
school (temporarily, probably not for good though), so
that I can find a job and start saving up money for
traveling. I'm still aiming for around mid-September I
think. I'm going to try to find somewhere to get a
TEFL certificate before I leave, but I haven't found
anyplace around here yet.

Prague, eh? Are you talking about the one in the Czech
Republic? Sounds like we might miss each other if
you're leaving in June....if so, no worries though.
I'm sure we will run into each other sometime down the

Thanks for the email man. Keep on writing those blog
posts and I'll keep on reading em. haha. Safe travels!


Original question from Wade to Byron about why his blog, The Road Less Traveled, was deleted:

Hello Byron,

What ever happened to The Road Less Traveled? Went looking for it but it was nowhere to be found in your profile. It was funny what you wrote about Andy . .. he is an interesting kind of writer. But it is funny because he just chunks out his blog posts without a care in the world . . .. .I like 'em. So how have you been? Coming down here anytime soon?

Leaving for Prague on June 4th . . .but will be running through the USA for twenty days first. I enjoy reading your comments . .thanks for sending them.

Tell me when you're leaving for you Wanderjahr and I will try to meet up with you.

Have fun,


Blogging About Travel Preparation

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