Asus Eee PC Problems



Asus Eee PC Problems

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Answer about if I have had any problems with the Asus Eee PC:

Hello Craig,

Yes, the Asus Eee PC laptop computer is working well. A matter of adjustment to its small size was the biggest issue. Also the screen resolution sometimes does not match websites very well, so you have to scroll a lot (but this can be done from the touch pad). Other than this it is just like a normal computer. The lack of internal memory has not yet been a problem for me. With the 4 gig model, I think that I had around 1 gig of free space to add in programs .. . .everything else I run off of SD cards and flash drives. I have a feeling that this may one day become a little cumbersome, but I will probably also purchased a small portable eternal hard drive so that I can keep everything in one place.

For now, I love the Eee PC.

Though I would recommend buying the old model that I have an not the new 900 version. A feller at Best Buy leaked to me that the store stopped stocking the 900 model because of a potential manufacturer defect with the heat shield or something like that. But the original version with only 4 gig of internal memory is good. 

So I would recommend it as a great travel computer. I can write on it and work on the website without a hitch, and this is all I really need a computer for.

Read more about my experiences with the Asus Eee PC at:

Asus Eee PC Initial Impresstions

Asus Eee PC Travel Computer

I am in Prague now. . . it is unbelievably expensive, but this just means that some cleverness is needed to live here, which is fun. 

I think I can keep my expenses down to under $15 a day, but, then again, I have not eaten a real meal yet hahaha. 

Have fun!

Hope to meet up with you soon.

Walk Slow,


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Question about the Asus Eee PC from Craig from


So I told Tatiana about the option of getting an Asus EEE, and she's interested. I've read your blog post on it, but was looking for any other cons that you might've uncovered.  Thoughts?  Would you still suggest buying it?

  June 5 | 9:55

P.S. If this information helps you out at all (or if you just appreciate my effort in trying haha) I would love it if you could tell or email a friend or two about Vagabond and/ or the Song of the Open Road Travel Blog. Thank you!

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Asus Eee PC Problems

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