How to Get Money to Travel

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Doing archaeology fieldwork is a good way to get money to travel.

Teaching English abroad is also a good way to fund travel.

Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.


How to Get Money to Travel


Thank you very much for the good words! I have made the money to travel many different ways. I usually try to find work that allows me to travel while making money. I have primarily worked as an archaeologist, an English teacher, and now I am struggling to put together a living by publishing this website and travel articles for various magazines.

I recently did an interview with Travel in which I talked about the ways in which I have made money to travel: How to travel as long as you want without going broke.

If you follow these below links, there is some more information about how I have funded my travels:

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Archaeology Field School

Archaeology Education and Work

How to Become an Archaeologist?

Free Accommodation while Traveling

I suppose you have a university degree, so taking an archaeology field school or an TESOL or TEFL course will not be too big of a transition. There are also a lot of other jobs that you can do while traveling if you just keep your ear to the tracks!

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to ask any other questions that you may have.

Walk Slow,


How to get money to travel?

I honestly think what your doing is an amazing thing.
I'm currently 23 about to pull my degree. But the life on the road is for me.
I've been backpacking since i was of 10.
from city to the great outdoor and back again.

But the thing is i find funding becomes a hassle as there is always a lot of backpackers that travel, and sometimes are considered freeloaders.
I read how you have a bank account.
If you don't mind me asking, how do you fund your adventure?
I want to get out and visit places and help people as i go.
I'm joining the peace corps next year for two years but when i return i plan on traveling as you have.

Maybe our paths may cross.

How to Get Money to Travel
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