Bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua



Bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

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Answer for question about bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua:

Hello Colleen,

Bus transport between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is very simple and straight forward. There are two ways that you can cross this border by bus:

1. Use the Tica Bus service that leaves from San Jose and goes to the Nicaragua cities of Mangua, Granada, or Rivas (if you want to go to Ometeme Island get off at Rivas). This service is exceptional but can be a touch expensive. If you want to move to Nicaragua quickly and have a little change in you pocket this is the way to go. The Tica Bus staff generally speaks English if you do not speak any Spanish, and the service that they offer is described by the Costa Ricans as being, "Que lindo." The Ticos are mighty proud of their Tica Bus.

The addressand contact information of Tica Bus stations in Costa Rica and Nicaragua is as follows:

San Jose Station- San José. Costa Rica. Paseo Colón. 200 meters North & 100 meters West from Torre Mercedes, Paseo Colón, Across front Funeraria del Magisterio Nacional. Telephone: (506) 2223-8680, (506) 2221-0006, (506) 2222-7226, (506) 2221-8954, (506) 2221-7407

San Jose Ticket Agency- Solutions TrAvel Agency, Hotel La Gioconda Across from theEmbassy of Nicaragua, Avenida Central - Barrio La California. Telephone: (506) 2248-9636

Granada, Nicaragua -  Terminal Granada, Arellano Avenue,  ˝  blocks south from Antiguo Hospital. Telephone: (505) 958-3118

Rivas, Nicaragua - Pulperia El Diamante. 100 meters south from the Texaco Gas Station. Telephone: (505) 877-1407

Managua, Nicaragua - Managua, Nicaragua.  2 blocks up from the old Dorado Cinema.  Bolonia neighborhood. Telephone: (505) 222-6094, (505) 222-3031

There are also more Tica Bus stops throughout Costa Rica, and you can view their contact information and sceduales by going to http://www.ticabus.com/ingles.html

2. The second way that you can get to Nicaragua from Costa Rica is to take a local bus to the border, walking across, and then picking up a bus in Nicaragua. This is not very difficult to do, and if you are traveling in the north of Costa Rica, this may be the best way.

Either way you choose, this route is not too difficult to travel.

Thanks for writing!

Walk Slow,


Question about bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua: 

Hi there,
I am planning a trip to CR and hoping to take a bus to Nicaragua. Yours is the most recent review of the buses and you seem quite positive about it...any chance you could send me an email with any tips or suggestions for us...? if you dont mind, email me at     . I would totally appreciate the advice...i can't find that much info. It seems like it should be an easy means of transport...can't quite tell...thanks in advance if you get in touch.

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Bus from Costa Rica to Nicaragua

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