Panama Entry/ Exit Visa Stamp

Panama Entry/ Exit Visa Stamp

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Panama Entry/ Exit Visa Stamp

Question:  Do you get a visa stamp when you cross the Panama border?                              



Hello Alex,

Yeah, they stamp your passport when you travel into Panama. I did not include all of the passport stamp photos from my passport . ..  maybe I will soon, though.

The border crossing with Panama is pretty conventional: you have to pay for a visa, you get stamped, they check your bags  . . . .

For more information about crossing the Panamanian border from Costa Rica you can go here, Panama Border Crossing.

Thanks for the good words about the blog and thank you for reading!

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Walk Slow,


(If any of this information helps you - or if you just appreciate me trying - please tell a friend about Thanks!)

Question: Do you get a visa stamp when you cross the Panama border?

Hi Wade. Wow your blog is excellent! Thanks for sharing. I have a few questions for you. I plan on going to Panama next month, and I was wondering if they stamped your passport upon entry/exit. I noticed you didn't include that photo in your passport stamp blog. Also, the "money for traveling" link is down; any chance of restoring that?


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