Question About Philippine Whale Hunters



Question About Philippine Whale Hunters

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Thank you for the regards and question about the Philippine whale hunters:

Hello Stillwater,

Thank you very much for these kind words and feedback. It really makes keeping this website and blog worthwhile when I find out that someone out there enjoys it or can use it in some way. I really appreciate you letting me know! So I take it that you live in the Philippines? Were you born in the Philippines, or did you move there later on?

I am thinking about trying to get there soon, as I really have an odd interest in indigenous whale hunters and old time fishing methods, and I am told that there are some fellers over there who still hunt whales by hand. Do you know anything about this? 



Letter of regard for travel blog:

Hi Wade!

Mabuhay! Greetings from the Philippines!

I have just stumbled upon your blog today and I am awed by your
journeys to different parts of the world. I just would like to thank
you for sharing your experiences through the internet. I have always
been interested in travels, culture, history, and geography of the
world. Unfortunately, I don not have the means to do what you have
been doing. It is interesting to see the world through a vagabond's

I wish you well and good luck. I'lll be following your travels through
your blog.


Travel Questions Forum

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Question About Philippean Whale Hunters

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