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How to Start Traveling


Hello Luis,

Haha, yeah, Loren is a little lazy haha, it sometimes takes him a long time to even write back to me, haha. But to begin with, I think your heart is in the right place, so you don't have to worry about anything else. It will all come together, all you have to do is make the first step out traveling. Then you will just figure everything else out. So just go, I say, live the world.

Answers to your questions:

1. There is no harm in preparing for a little while. You are still young, there is a whole world out there for you. I just think that your only worry may be is that if you start traveling, you will not stop! haha

2.The benefits of Italian citizenship is everything. This means that you have an European passport, right? If you don't, get one soon. I have a friend from Chile who also had Italian citizenship, and she is able to live and travel in Europe (and the rest of the world) like a European. If you have the EU passport, you can cross almost any border in the world without a problem. Leave the Argentinean one at home.

3. Maybe you may want to take a hitch-hiking journey down to Tierra del Fuego or go up to Brazil to test yourself a little before you begin traveling really far away. But, I don't think this matters too much. Traveling is traveling everywhere. Don't worry, you have to start somewhere.

4. I began traveling when I was 18. I took my first few journeys around the USA, and when I was 19 I went to South America for the first time. So I was young like you.

5. If you want to travel cheaply, I think that learning local languages is one of the most important things that you can do. You obviously have very good skills at learning language, so keep studying. I use to study language for an hour before going to bed every night no matter where I was. . .. but lately I have gotten a little lazy with this haha. You can travel the world pretty smoothly with a knowledge of English, Spanish, and French. If you learn a little Chinese Mandarin, you can talk to people anywhere. Good going on studying languages on your own, man. It is impressive.

Thank you for all the kind words, I really appreciate them. Just get traveling, man, and don't think about letting anything stand in your way. Humans seem to have a natural way of being able to take care of themselves, so if the going gets hard, you will just naturally know what to do. So don't worry about anything. Just get traveling!

Thanks for writing,


Question from Luis:

       thanks for answer me man, i was kinda scared to write you coz you're like my last shot to know some things, i have write before to this guy Loren Everly coz you have his website on your links and i guess that i asked him too many stupid question and he just didn't answer me again and i don't blame him but he gave me some good tips and words.
1- I'm 19 and i'm thinking to start travelling between my 20 and 21 so maybe it is a little anticipated , but i have some thinks to do here first and i wanna be well prepared.
What do you think about it?
2-: i have besides of my argentinian citizenship an italian one because of my gradmother.
What's the benefits of it?
3- i'm from a little city-town in Buenos Aires(the capital) and i have never put a step out of my country in my life.
What do you think about it?
4-when did you start travelling?
5- i left school when i was about 15 coz it was pointless, and to take my mom out of my back shouting at me "do something with your life little bum" i start to work an begin to study languages and now i know about six , all self-taught, even the english, except now that i'm studying french with a teacher.
is it helpful to know different languages while travelling or it really doesn't matter?
that's all for now, i don't want to bother you too much, but i'd like to know more thing about travel like: visas,borders,papers,life on it ,etc.
PD: i found your website by luck because i was looking webs to download music (like this) and you kinda fooled me.
And believe me when i tell you that your website change completely my way of thinking and kinda my life,because  i have been looking for webs like these since i'm about 16 and every web that i was always founding was all tourist ridiculous things , so your web really changed me.
i was hopeless about travel and see the world coz i was starting to thing that i was the only one who wanna to do this in the whole world and that i was senseless and insane,so i was resigned to stay in this town forever and to work my ass on a toll booth basically forever like i'm doing now, but now my mind is completely different and even if you answer me to stop dreaming and go back to school i won't, i will travel and see the world no matter what, so thank you for all your writing in your website, and even because of it i have found the hobotraveler,loren everly,couchsurfing and some more so thanks again.

How to Start Traveling
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