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Global College, LIU is Priceless, response to question:


To start out, I suppose I have to say that the study abroad education which I received in Global College is priceless. The skills that I learned in that school and the experiences that I had are incomparable with any other educational institution in the world . It is this special knowledge and experience that I feel sets Global College students apart from the fray of other graduates after graduation. Global College is not just about the "formal" education that you receive in the classroom but also the subsequent personal skills that come from living in foreign lands, learning other languages, and doing fieldwork projects that teach you HOW to set out and achieve a goal on your own. I believe that it was the more subtle, environmentally learned education that I received in Global College that made it worth the price tag. I am currently over $60,000 in debt, but I believe that what I received for this money makes it worth it.

It was very difficult for me to finance my education through Global College. I was a financially independent student and did not receive any support from my family, so it was a continuous battle to come up with the funds to pay for my education each year. But I did manage to do it. I won a rather large Freeman Asia scholarship one semester and a Gilman scholarship for another. I also put a lot of pressure on LIU financial aid as well as Global College to always give me the maximum amount of financial aid and grant support each year. Honestly, it was a lot of work obtaining the monetary resources to be educated at Global College, but I feel that the effort which I put into this subtly taught me a lot of good life skills that I will always take with me. Namely, I learn determination and the drive to not give up or to take no for an answer; I learned that anything is possible if I work hard enough. It is more these environmentally learned personal skills that will enable me to pay back my loans (although the formal classroom instruction is also high quality).

In my years in Global College I learned how to put together and conduct a large research project in Japan, how to care for myself through studying Chinese Medicine in China, how to speak Chinese, the process of doing a journalism project in India, how to work with a publisher through the Cafe Abroad internship in Morocco, Portugal, and Central America, as well as a dozen other real life skills that I can utilize throughout everything that I intend to do in my future work and study. I was also able to make contacts and to gain real work experience that has opened a whole world of opportunity to me that I would not have had otherwise. I did well in Global College in large part because I went into each semester knowing what I wanted to achieve and I did not need to be lead through every step of my education.

Global College is not a conventional university by any means, and if you want to take control of your studies and use the resources of the school to the fullest, then you will do really well. Global College provides students with an educational base in anthropology, language, and writing skills, and then the student is expected to consolidate their learning and expand from it. There is absolutely no limit on what you can do in this school. The world is your classroom, and what you do everyday, all day long, is a part of your education.

My experiences in convention university (I have been to 7 of them haha) is that the educational exchange is give and take: the professor gives you information and the student takes it, and that is the end of the intercourse. In global college it is the responsibility of the student to take the lessons that they are given to fruition- the student is expected to go out of the classroom and test the theories for themselves and to come up with their own conclusions. The advisors and professors are extremely knowledgeable and support you fully every step of the way, so all roads are open for the student to really make something of their education. Global College graduates either go on to great things - interesting jobs, good grad schools, or work that they really enjoy - or they work in chocolate factories or become landscapers. The school not for everyone, but I believe this is the case with all liberal arts programs. My Global College education has shaped my life greatly, and I know that I would not be standing in the same shoes that I am today without it (for better or worse haha).

From where I stand now, I highly recommend Global College.
So in all, if you want to actively jump into your education and have experiences, gain knowledge, and equip yourself with skills and opportunities that go far beyond the pale of the average university graduate, then I say jump full steam into Global College without worry. But if you are extremely fearful of mounds of debt, or if you are satisfied with conventional teaching methods then you may want to think long and hard about if Global College is for you.

I will end this letter with a final little note: for students of journalism, speaking from my own experience, the very nature of Global College provides an entire world of special opportunities for truly in-depth study and a platform upon which the art can really flourish (almost every project for every class, can, essentially, be turned into journalism).

So, that is what I have to say about Global College. If you have any more questions please to not hesitate to ask. I also forwarded your email address on to Joanne Halpern, who is one of the main coordinators of Global College. She can help you with anything that you may need.

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Thanks for writing.

Walk Slow,


Question about Global College:

Hi Wade,

First I must start off by saying, I really enjoy your work! I remember I was in my study abroad advisors office and she had a copy of Cafe Abroad on her desk, I asked her if I could take it... that was the first time I read your work. Since, I have read all of your articles. You have inspired me to make changes in my life.

I was hoping that you might answer a few questions regarding your experience at LIU Global College....

1. Was it worth the high price tag?

2. How did you fund your degree?

I am currently a journalism student at University of Missouri. I have two years left in my program. I grew up in Missouri and aside from my study abroad in Ghana I feel that overall, I haven't had a rewarding experience at MU. I have applied to LIU and I am hopeful that I will be accepted. I have been funding my education and if I go to LIU I will be paying significantly more money. I am concerned about the debt I am going to assume. I know that life is too short to be worried about money or debt but I am worried.

I would appreciate any feedback you could give

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Global College Long Island University

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