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Wade from has been continuously traveling around the world He is open to answer all questions -  email Walk Slow.



How to Get to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from Costa Rica

From Costa Rica take Tica Bus to Rivas or Chicken Bus to Border then go to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Hello Faye,

It is easy to get to where you are going in Nicaragua.

You can get a bus from the Coca Cola bus station in San Jose to the border, then walk across the frontier, and then get on another bus to San Juan del Sur or to Rivas first, and then on to San Juan.

Or you can get on a Tica Bus to Rivas and then travel on to San Juan del Sur.

Total trip time should be around 8 hours.

I have no information on hiring a car in Costa Rica, but it is very common. I do not know if you could drop it off in Nicaragua.

Thanks for reading Vagabond,


How to get to San Juan Del Sur and can I Rent a Car?

Your name: Faye Page  

Your current location: England, UK

Your comment or other information: Useful info on the bus journey, thanks. We are also planning a trip to Nicaragua but flying into Costa Rica. We wil be staying in San Juan Del Sur when we get to Costa Rica. Do you have any idea how long the bus journey is? Alternatively, do you have any info on hiring a car from Costa Rica and driving over into Nicaragua?

Many thanks

Faye Page

7/5/2009 20:49:40 diane says . . .

I just did this trip. If you have a small group, like 4, forget the bus and call this guy, Mauricio, at Cantico tours. They're based in Playas del Coco (Guanacste) but he does pick ups in San Jose. You can't drive a rental car across the border, so he gets you there and you meet Rafa-who has an outstandingly comfortable vehicle- and he drives you the rest of the way. He can leave you in san Juan del Sur and you can arrange when he should return to take you back to the border. You don't even have to stand in line at the border. These guys do all the work. Liberia is a "major city" in Guanacaste btw San Jose and the Nica border. The CR coast is only about 45 min from there and worth a detour. Hotel Gran Oceano in SanJuan del Sur offers some nice fishing.

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How to Get to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from Costa Rica
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