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Answer about taking an archaeology field school for travel work:

Hello Brent,

Don't worry about admission requirements, previous lack of a degree, or pretty much anything when it comes to enrolling in an archaeology field school through a university. All you need is around $1500, a good pair of boots, camping gear (sometimes), and a trowel. Most field schools take visiting students and those that are not matriculated in their (or any for that matter) university, as the more people they have, the more money they can put into the excavation. Some field schools will take students enrolled in online programs such as Bryant & Stratton to do field work.

There are a couple of ways that you can go about enrolling in an archaeology field school:

1. You can go back to school and take a field school university for credit.

2. You can choose any archaeology field school in the world that you want to go to, enroll as a non-matriculated student, and just pay the fee for the field school itself. In this way you do not have to pay the university for academic credit - which will save you 50% on the cost - and you still receive the same archaeological training. This may be the best way if you just want the hand-on training and do not care about obtaining academic credit.

Once you have a field school under your belt, finding fieldwork in cultural resource management (CRM- professional archaeology) in the USA. As you can probably gather, these jobs are good for the traveler, as you must stay on the Road to keep employed. There are also other perks of working in CRM in the USA, as your employers generally pay for your living and travel expenses.

So doing archaeology field work is a great way to travel and make (and save) money for more traveling. You just need to start out with a field school, and you can pretty much pick and choose whatever one you wish. So just find a school you want to go to, email the director of the project, and he will tell you how to sign on.

Below are some links to archaeology field schools and fieldwork in general that you may be interested in-

Past Horizons- A website with many volunteer and field school opportunities around the planet. Really good. The main website for finding professional archaeology fieldwork opportunities in the USA. Also has information on international and domestic field schools.

Archaeology Website with tons of information on working in cultural resource management (C.R.M) in North America. Also has a large collection of links of contract archaeology firms from many places on the globe.

Florida Atlantic University Field School on the Manabi Coast of Ecuador- This is the field school where I received my archaeology training. I went straight from this excavation into professional field work. I highly recommend the Florida Atlantic University field school. 

Thanks for writing, and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Walk  Slow,


Question about taking an archaeology field school:

I came across your blog a few weeks back and I've been enjoying hearing about the places you've traveled to.  I'm spending the next few months taking care of my sister's new child to make a few dollars until October when I'll hit the road again, and your travel writing has been a nice distraction and a vicarious way for me to keep moving.
I wanted to ask you more about your archaeology field work.  I've worked plenty of seasonal jobs to support my travel but I'm always looking for other ways that travelers have found.  Did you jump right into field school, or did you have previous educational experience in archaeology?  I don't have a degree and am not currently attending university and I wanted to know if you felt it possible to find a field school that would accept me and subsequently find good work in the field.  What was your process of becoming involved in archaeology field work?
Any advice you have on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
Best of luck to you in your travels and I look forward to hearing from you when you have a chance,

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Archaeology Field School

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