World Travel for Citizens of India

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World Travel and Work for Citizens of India

Hello Alpana,

I know that there are many immigration restrictions placed on citizens of India who wish to travel the world, but, if you are cleaver and adaptable, I think that you could work around them. I have a friend from India who also wishes to travel, and even though he has the means (money) to do so, he has found it very difficult obtaining the necessary visas. In point, I would recommend looking over the visa requirements for Indian citizens for countries all around the world and design you path of travel based on what would be easiest. There are plenty of places that people from India can travel to easily and plenty where it is a little difficult. I recommend just sticking to the path of least resistance.

As far as working goes, I do not think that you will be at a disadvantage at all. From your email, your written English seems perfect and I am sure that you also speak it very well. This is probably the most important thing for many jobs. You may even be able to teach English, as you are from a country that is known to pretty much speaks its own class of English, and I recommend getting your teaching certification before you set out. If you are willing to do any kind of work, I am sure that you can find employment in restaurants or in the leisure sector doing something. The key to working on the Road is taking any job doing any thing, and if you keep your ear to the ground I am sure that you will find enough work to keep you traveling.

I do not know how successful a tactic this could be but you may be able to use you Indian background to your advantage. There are plenty of Indian communities, restaurants, shops all around the world who employ Indians. I am unsure what the cultural rules would be for you to temporarily work in these communities, but I figure that it is probably worth a try.    

One way that I have funded my travels in expensive countries is by trading hotel webpages on for free accommodation in hotels and hostels. I am not sure if you are interested in this, but if you are check out the below links:
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Check out the below links for more information about working while traveling:
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How to Get Money to Travel- How to fund international travels.
Work in Youth Hostels- How to find employment in youth hostels in Europe.

Page about the Indian Diaspora (lots of Indian communities in East Africa):
Indians are everywhere but with a twist in Kenya

Thank you for reading, and if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Walk Slow,


Temporary work abroad for Indian citizens?

Dear Wade,

I read your blog today and it is very interesting as I really want to take a long break to travel around and I don't necessarily want to dip into all my savings for that. The only problem I see is that I am from India and I'm not sure if getting a temporary job in all countries will be easy for me (although it is an advantage that I'm a 25 year old woman and that does open up a lot of doors at restaurants / pubs). In you reply to Jonathan's query in your blog, you've mentioned that it's relatively easy for a Westerner to get a work permit, it's not the same for an Indian. Do you think that paperwork will be required for somebody with my country of origin. I'll probably not be staying in one place for more than 2 weeks to a month at the most.


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World Travel for Citizens of India
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