Are Tattoos in China Sterile and Clean?



Are Tattoos in China Sterile and Clean?

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China Tattoo Question ad Answer:

Hello Bobby,

Studying at Zheda?
So Yujing is a good tattoo artist and a real good guy, but, man, his sanitation is not up to international standards. My tattoo from him came out well . . . I did not get hepatitis, no infections, or have any problems at all. But, at least at the time that he tattooed me in 2006, he did a few things that were different in what I am use to in tattoo parlors (I am covered in tattoos from around a dozen countries). His sanitation is not bad, but not good either. Just make sure that he only uses steel tubes to tattoo you, and if he does use the plastic ones make sure that they have never been used before. Plastic tubes are meant to be disposable and cannot be sanitized properly. To be tattooed with an unsterilized tube has the same effect as an unsterilized needle. He also has a real bazaar way of telling his clients how to care for their tattoos as well - or at least he did when I was there - so I would recommend just doing what you normal do if you are familiar with caring for tattoos or read about it online. When I received my tattoo he used a non-disposable glass bowel to rinse his rag in. Make sure that he uses a spray bottle instead. Also, if you are getting your tattoo in a place where you have body hair make sure you shave the location before you go, as he just tattooed over the hair on my arm and it was not the best of sensations.
So this is about it. I actually had a photo of Yujing tattooing me stolen off of vagabond and published in a Mexican tattoo magazine without permission haha. So I guess he is of international renown now. haha.

He is a really cool guy, so don't let my words discourage you too much. It was some years ago that he tattooed me, so maybe some of his methods have changed.

Have fun and let me know how you make out.
Thanks for writing,
Wade in Budapest

Hey Wade,

I am a student studying in China right now and I saw your page about getting a tattoo done in hangzhou.
My friends actually both got tattoos in the same studio you did (Yujing) and they turned out fine. I was just wondering about your experience since you said that the sanitation needed some work. Just curious about what needs to be done/what I should look out for when I get a tattoo in Hangzhou.
Thank you in advance.


P.S. If this information helps you out at all (or if you just appreciate my effort in trying haha) I would love it if you could tell or email a friend or two about Vagabond and/ or the Song of the Open Road Travel Blog. Thank you!

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Are Tattoos in China Sterile and Clean?

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