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Reply about my shyness about receiving money from donations for my website and blog:

I read your message.   Remember, this is not charity.   You are working hard giving us something good to read.   We would like to pay you back.    You provide a service, a service that is worth money to some.   For others, maybe it is not, or they can't afford it.   By making it easy, but not in the way, those of us that can and would like to, can help.    Capitalism with a twist.

Bob L.

About advertisements on blogs and websites and how money is made from those who click away from the site:

Hello Bob,

You are very correct here: people who read the content on a site don't usually click on the ads. I think the only people who do click on the ads are the ones who don't find what they are looking for and are looking for a quick way to leave it or found and ad for a site that seems to be more relevant to their search terms. This is kind of a funny predicament, because the people who don't use or like a website are the ones who provide it with money. It seems a little silly haha.

But I guess that is the way that it is. I may add a little feature for contributions, but I feel a little shy about taking money from people. I know that Andy traveled for a long time off of reader contributions, so they really can help someone travel.

Thank you very much for offering me a little help here and there. $10 is just about a days worth of traveling, so it would be greatly appreciated!

I will think about a modest way of adding a reader contribution feature soon, as well as put into practice some of your other ideas. My only reservation is that I feel a little odd taking money from people for offering something that I truly enjoy doing. I love working on Vagabond and I also love writing about traveling. I work hard at this, and I hope that one day may efforts may be fruitful enough to fund my travels, but accepting donations makes me as if I am taking something for nothing.

I am just a little shy about accepting donations, that's all. My belly is full today, and I would feel a little over-zealous to take money from someone when I am comfortable. It would make me feel a little greedy to take more money when - right now - I have enough. But I do understand where you are coming from, and I recognize that you may truly want to help me a little, or show your regards for the work on the site, and I really appreciate this.

When Harry Franck went on his Vagabond Journey Around the World he refused to accept unsolicited donations. But sometimes the people that he encountered really wanted to help him out on his travels - they really wanted to donate a little cash to his journey - and Franck would refuse every penny that was thrust his way on a matter of principle. Sometimes this made the potential donators really upset, and sometimes it just hurt their feelings a little.

I do not know where to stand here. You are a good guy, Bob, and I appreciate your comments and the feedback that you provide me with. I almost feel that I should give YOU a donation. I feel as if I would be acting a little overly proud if I did not accept your kindness, but, on the other hand, I feel rather shy about accepting it, as my belly is full tonight.  

I really appreciate your offer, and I will think about putting up a modest way to accept donations through Vagabond

Thank you, Motorcycle Bob,  

Walk Slow,


Concern about advertisements on travel websites and blogs and offer of donations:

I noticed something missing from yours, and other blogs I read.  A way to contribute $$$.    I would think that the majority of the click through money you get is not from regular readers.   I know I for one would never click through an ad.   Yes, I have clicked through to get books from some sites to help them out, but that is few and far between.   I have not noticed that option on your site anyway.   Those of us that read your site on a regular basis might want to contribute a small amount of money every once in a while.   A PayPal button to contribute a bit would be nice.

Create a nice looking, easy to find banner or something and ask for contributions to help you continue publishing.  I don't know how much money you would get, but I would think it would be worth the effort.   I know I would throw you $10 once in a while just to help you continue to write.   Hell, I have paid a lot more for magazine subscriptions that I don't get nearly as much enjoyment out of.

Bob L

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