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Global College Study Abroad Cost

Answer: Global College is Expensive, but you can get sholarships.

Hello Oscar,

Yeah, Global College, Long Island University is expensive, but there are ways to get scholarships to pay for it. Being a foreign student - not from the USA - you are at a distinct disadvantage, though I still think that if you tried hard you could come up with the money.

First of all, you need to pay every semester pretty much upfront. So you need to have most of your loans and scholarships taken care of by the time the semester is about to begin. You can't really pay retroactively to the school itself.

To come up with the money to go I would recommend first sending in your application for admissions and explain your financial situation with the admissions counselor, whose name is Alyisa Stevens, and with Joann Halpern, who is the go to person of the school. I would suggest emailing Joann right away at, as I have already told her your situation. She seems hopeful that Global College could give you a decent amount of money in scholarship.

At minimum, Global College cost $15,000 a semester, so that is at least $30,000 a year. If you push hard I am of the opinion that Global College will give you at least $5,000 a semester, $10,000 a year, in scholarship. To come up with the other two thirds of your tuition, I would suggest trying to get education loans from banks in Ireland or the UK and applying for international scholarships.

I won Gilman and Freeman Asia grants to help fund my international studies, but I think that they are only awarded to Americans. Perhaps there are some Irish scholarships for studying abroad that you could receive? I would also ask at all the international organizations that you can find: Rotary, businesses, government, and everywhere else. It could not hurt.

Also inquire about educational loans from banks. I, personally, have never worried too much about debt and I'm currently $80,000 to the dark side. I don't know if you want to follow my example as far as this goes, but I feel that Global College was worth it.

Oscar, I would recommend inquiring about Global College, LIU, call them, talk to the people involved. Call Joann Halpern directly. But if you can't afford it and still wish to study while traveling you can always enroll in courses directly from universities in countries that you want to travel to. Many universities around the world have courses that are designed for English speaking foreign students and they, relatively, do not cost very much. I studied at Zhejiang University in China for $1,000 a semester.

So I say try Global College, if it doesn't work out I can help you find other universities to study at. But the great prize of Global College is that you get an accredited degree from an American university when you finish. This means something if you want to continually find work while traveling.

Thanks for writing. Feel free to have a look at the related pages if you haven't already.

Walk Slow,


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Question: How much does Global College Study Abroad Cost?

Hi Wade!

Yep, it's me again. Hope you don't mind answering a few more questions. It's about payment in Global College. You mention in one of your answers to an e-mail that you're now in debt to Global College. I have no problem joining that party, but I was just wondering is it possible to pay for your tuition and services at Global College completely retroactively or did you have to give them a check every semester or so?

You also say Global College is very expensive in the same message, I hope you don't mind me asking but how much did the whole program cost? Finally, as a foreign student I would not be eligible for financial aid from Global College which means I would mostly have to rely on international scholarships to assist with payment as well as my own earnings. How much more difficult do you think the lack of financial assistance from Global College will make this process be?

Thanks a lot for your time again, Wade.

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Wade from has been on a continuous walkabout around the world for more than 9 years- over forty countries on five continents. He is open to answer all questions -  email
Global College Study Abroad Cost


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