How to Finance Travels and Study Abroad

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How to Finance Travels and Study Abroad

How to fund travels and study abroad

Hello Norberto,

I generally fund my travels from a mix of working on the road as an archaeologist, an English teacher, a hostel receptionist, a gardener, or writing magazine articles and publishing on the internet. But I have also lived for extensive periods abroad by engaging in various study abroad programs around the world.

The international school that I mostly studied with is called Global College, Long Island University, and they have centers in Japan, China, India, Costa Rica, South Africa and in Brooklyn, NY. In this school you can study abroad for three and a half years. But they are expensive. There are cheaper options for study abroad, but you probably will not be able to study internationally for the amount of time that you can with Global College. So if you really want to travel and live abroad while you work on your degree from an accredited US university, I would recommend Global college. They also have a very liberal bend and offer many resources for students who aspire to work for NGOs or "help the poor" as you put it.  

To study abroad with Global College you just have to visit their website and send them an email and they will help you through the application process. If you only wish to study abroad for a semester or a year I would recommend a school called SIT (School for International Training) as they have really great programs all over the world that also prepare students for work with NGOs and other humanitarian organizations.

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Question: How to finance travels and study abroad.

To whom it may concern,

Hi, my name is Norberto Morales. I just found out about your blog. I am a freshman at college in the US, and I'm planning to study abroad in Japan next school year.  In the nearby future I will travel the world too, working a year and then traveling with the savings or working from place to place. I am very interested in the help you give to the poor people in your travels and I would love to embark in a similar quest. How do you finance your ongoing travels? Can you give me any information or recommendations on what process to go through to study abroad?

How to Study Abroad

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