Where I Want to Travel Most



Where I Want to Travel Most

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Where do you really want to go? I'm quite curious.

Right now, I really want to travel in the Middle East. It sounds like a pretty friendly part of the world where I would be sure to have good conversation and find interesting stories. The region is also pretty cheap and there are few other travelers there. Plus, I really have a love for Islamic architecture - the skyline of Islamic cities are the drawn up knocked down definition of the "far away." I have always dreamed about these places as a child, now I have to go there. So I should be flying into Prague on the fifth of June and then making a quick run to Turkey and the Middle East from there. I found that Europe is better traveled in quick runs to other places, as it is cheap to get there and expensive to stay. So I would like to make Turkey by the middle of June.

But where I really want to go changes by the day. Sometimes I just want to return to China or Japan. Life is good there. I can live off of working 10 hours a week, the people are fun and excited to talk, and both countries are beautiful. Good walking and relaxed. I have to force East Asia out of my mind sometimes, or else I would never travel anywhere else.

So, for now, I really want to go to the Middle East. It is a region of the world that I have not yet traveled in - it is a new horizon.

Question from Ben about where I want to travel most.

Where I Want to Travel Most

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