Panama Travel Itinerary

Panama Travel Itinerary

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Panama Travel Itinerary

Question: Is this a good itinerary for Panama?                               

Answer: Yes, but it may be a little crowded

Answer: Panama Itinerary looks a little crowded

Thank you again for the good words, Alex!

I don't think that you have anything to worry about when going to Panama. Just live it up, and you should be fine. From my experience, Panama is the safest country to travel in in Central America. The people are really good, too. So don't worry and have fun.

Your itinerary looks good if you want to race around the country and spend a good percentage of your time on busses. If you only have a week, you may want to cut the Costa Rica portion out of it and save it for another trip.

I say just take it as it comes, and if you don't end up some places that you plan on going, don't worry about it. It will all be good.

Have fun!

Walk Slow,


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Question: Panama itinerary

Hi Wade,

Thanks for answering the question. I found your site randomly on google, trying to find information on Panama.

I am going there for a week next month. It is my first trip going out of the country solo, and to be honest, I am frightened to death. What do you think of this itinerary: 2 days in Panama City, 1 day in Boquete (see Volcano Baru), 2 days in Bocas Del Toro/David, 1 day crossing the border to Costa Rica going to Puerto Viejo, and then heading back to Panama City? I just want to see a little bit of the capital city, hit up some eco touring like the volcano Baru and maybe a cloud forest and the beach!

Also, could you recommend me cheap hostels that you stayed at?

Thanks Wade your site is amazing!


Panama Travel Itinerary

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