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Social Issues

  • The View From The Other Side Of Prague – Filming Project In Prague In Full Swing

    The view from the other side of Prague.

  • Absurd Racism Claim And Attacks On Chinese Culture

    Claims of racism hurled at Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue degrade minority cultures in China more than the photos themselves.

  • Exploring The Syria Crisis: Two Years In And No End In Sight

    If tuning in to Al Jazeera or BBC to learn about the crisis in Syria, one would get an image of that: a crisis. The country has fallen into chaos. Syria’s “Arab Spring” that started over two years ago was once filled with optimism and hope, but the outlook today on Syria seems bleak and [...]

  • Tibetans Have Passports Confiscated And Not Returned

    Being told that the would be given updated, biometric passports that would allow them to travel easier, the Chinese government lured Tibetans in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) to give up their old travel documents last year. Not only did they not receive the new passports but their old ones were not returned. Due to [...]

  • Jakarta Pays Scavengers A Good Wage To Clean City, White Collar Workers Cry “No Fair!”

    The municipal government of Jakarta recently announced that it’s going mobilize a team of 2,000 scavengers to clean the city’s streets as an answer to a growing garbage problem. What is interesting is that they said they are going to pay each of these new sanitation employees 2 million rupiah per month, which is around [...]

  • A New Model for Development: A Talk With Ernesto Sirolli

    Ernesto Sirolli recently delivered a powerful TED talk where he pointed out the failings of international aid and proposed a new model for development. He now shares more of this vision of facilitating entrepreneurship around the world with Vagabond Journey.

  • Street Families of Manila, A Meeting With a Mother of Six

    Over half a million families live in the streets of Metro Manila. Go behind the scenes and meet one of them.

  • Impacts of the Xayaburi Dam on the Mekong River Interview

    The Mekong River is currently under siege by a proposal for a major dam on the river’s main stream in northern Laos. Recently, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam agreed to put construction of the Xayaburi Dam on hold until an official impact assessment can be made of the potentially adverse environmental, social, economic, and food security effects of [...]

  • Xayaburi Dam is the Greatest Threat Facing the Mekong River

    Construction of the Xayaburi Dam, the first of eleven dams planned for the Mekong River, was postponed on December 8th, as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam concurred that more data is needed on the potentially adverse environmental and social impacts of the project. Many environmental and social groups working in the region applaud the decision, [...]

  • Social Development and Theater in Indigenous Chiapas

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- “Alcoholism, poverty, violence, I think that those things are made bigger by economic strife,” spoke Rachael Albers, an education/ theater social activist from the USA who has been working in Chiapas for the past couple of years. I was interviewing Rachael as part of an investigations into the various cultural spheres of Chiapas, and she was laid out for me the socio/ political/ historical background of Chalchihuitan, an indigenous community an hour and a half north of San Cristobal, where she coordinates a theater group of young women, called Las Jades, in conjunction with the local high school.