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My Trip To Latin America

The ins and outs of traveling in Latin America.

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I’ve been to many, many different places in my travels! I’ve gazed at Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, I’ve rode around on a big red bus in London. I’ve swam in crystal blue water off the coast of Australia and explored the farthest reaches of everywhere from New Zealand to Scotland! I’m someone who loves to explore the world they found themselves in. Whether it be a place with ice cold temperatures that threaten even the most brutish of life, to a place that is so vertical you’ll scratch your head wondering how any sort of person with climb and scale it! But in all my explorations, in all my walks, climbs and cycles, there is one place I’ve been to like no other. I am speaking of Latin America. That area of America steeped in historic mystery and intrigue. In the modern day tourist industry, places like Latin America often get overlooked by the more commercial parts of America. But to those that love an adventure, and don’t mind braving the heat, Latin America is an amazing place. Worried about visiting it? Not sure if it is the right place for you? Perhaps you’d just like to know a bit more about it? Well I have the article for you! I’m going to introduce you to the best parts of the Latin Americas! The highlights if you will, and from these you can figure out whether it’s a place you’d like to go! It’s a bit of a scary place to explore, so let me do it for you! Sit back and count the reasons to visit Latin America with me!

Ancient Heritage

Latin America has a history and a culture that is superior to many others around the world! The colonisation of it started with the Spanish and Portuguese in the 15th century, meaning that there is a plethora of historic sites and churches to visit up and down Latin America! Of course there are the breath-taking sites of Machu Picchu! A 15th century Inca citadel completely preserved and open to the viewing public. The citadel itself is an incredible sight to behold, a whole religious complex based on a mountain, it’s definitely worth a look. And there is also the Pyramid of the Sun, that lies alongside the Avenue of the Dead deep in Mesoamerica! Originally abandoned in 750CE, the site is incredibly interesting to tourists of today. The Latin America historic sites and historic landmarks are a once in a lifetime experience. A real feeling of the past civilisations of the world, where humanity has come from deep, deep into the past.

The food

Latin America is a goldmine for so many different types of cuisine. They really knew what they were doing in the times of Mesoamerica, using beans and meat acquired from the land around them to make spicy and interesting dishes. With so many locations close to the Amazon, Andes and both the coastlines of the Pacific and the Caribbean. The selection of chefs busy at work down there is astounding, all ready to cook up delicious meals for tourists and locals alike to dig into.

The heat!

It’s probably accurate to say that Latin America is not the place to go to do essay work. It’s an extremely hot area of the world that enjoys a whole lot of sunshine nearly all year round! It’s the best place to go if you are just looking for a holiday that allows you to relax and lie back, forgetting all of your troubles and tribulations! Book a ticket if you are looking for a sunny getaway, the view is always of beautiful, humid landscapes that you can lose yourself in. But don’t take it from me, have a look at some of the amazing pictures available online, definitely the place to be!

There are so many amazing reasons to go to Latin America. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway from work, or looking to explore a place you’ve never ever been to before. Latin America can provide you with so many rich and exciting experiences. All you have to do is pick a place in the area and see how much it is get going there. Before you know it you’ll be jetting off their yourself! Ready to explore the amazing landscapes, historic landmarks, and interesting cuisines the area has to offer.


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