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Areas Of France With The Most English Speaking People

Where to go in France if you can’t be bothered to learn French.

While many people say that France is hard for English because they speak a different language there are a few places that people can slip by without speaking any French.

While one solution is just learning French, if you are not willing to try to learn another language or are in the beginning stages of doing so, there are a few places in France where people tend to speak English more readily than other places. While France has a reputation for people who are intolerant of people speaking English, this hasn’t necessarily been my experience. Just smile and be friendly and patient, and people usually respond in kind.

Typically, around tourist areas or expat enclaves, more English will be spoken in France. There is an estimated 4.3 million foreign residents in France, with a large portion of these coming from native English speaking countries, like the USA or UK. There are also 85 million tourist pouring into the country each year, so places that earn their economic sustenance from this deluge tend to have large amounts of people who are multilingual.

Place in France where English is most spoken:

Loire Valley
Mount saint Michel
French Riviera

So, overall, I think that while learning French will get you a long way, you might be able to get by with only learning a few phrases if you stick to the beaten track and visit the places listed above.

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