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4 Jobs That Could Allow You To Live In Your Dream Country

How to travel and earn a living too.

When it comes to deciding where you’re going to move to, your career (and the jobs out there) are a pretty big part of the choice that you’re going to make. Whilst you may have had an area in mind for a while, the job market could look quite bleak, and you may not know how to go about making your dreams a reality.

However, there are always options for working in the country that you love, and you don’t need to rule it out as a possibility just because it seems like it’s never going to happen. We’ve put together a list of four jobs that you can do pretty much anywhere, for those with the travel bug.

  1. Blogger

As anybody who has a blog will tell you, you can make this a financially fruitful endeavor, and all you really need to have is an internet connection. Whether you’re running paid ads, or reviewing products – or perhaps you’re travelling around and reviewing hotels – there are so many ways to get a bit of cash out of your blog, and it doesn’t just have to be something that you do for fun.

  1. Journalist

Being a journalist is another way to make sure that you’re always earning on your writing, whilst also experiencing the country that you want to live in. Doing this job usually means that you can be based wherever you want to be, but it could help if you get a job that is specific to reporting on the country that you want to live in. Whatever your specialty, there is usually a journalism job to be found!

  1. Doctor or nurse

If you have the skill set to do this, being a doctor or nurse in your dream country could be a good idea. Needing medical services is pretty much universal, and you’ll always be able to find a job somewhere if you have the qualifications. Perhaps you want to look into a GP surgery for sale, so that you can really establish yourself in your dream country? However you go about it, you should be OK doing this!

  1. Tour guide

If you’ve got a dream country in mind, you’ve probably been there at least a few times. Being a tour guide could be a perfect job to take up if this is the case, as you can help tourists and those who are new to the area really get a feel for why you fell in love with the place. You may have to have some good language skills to make this dream a reality, but it also depends upon where you are.

So, if you want to take the plunge and move to your dream country, but you’re not quite sure how to earn yourself a living there, why not try out one of these four jobs? It could mean that you can wake up in the place that you love, whilst doing a job that makes you pretty happy too. Sounds good, huh?


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