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  • Areas Of France With The Most English Speaking People

    Where to go in France if you can’t be bothered to learn French.

  • A Parisian’s Experience at the French Unity Rally

    An interview with a protester at the #ParisMarch that was recently held in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack in France.

  • Nice, France: A Crown Jewel And A Cesspool

    Nice, France: the crown jewel of the Riviera, a cess pool, this beach resort city has two sides.

  • French Food Memories: An interview with author Harriet Welty Rochefort

    Before the blogosphere became crowded with American-in-France expat blogs, each claiming to unlock the secrets of Life in the Hexagon, there were three women whose books — real books — I read and reread when seeking the expertise of intercultural communication specialists.  The first was Raymonde Carroll, a French anthropologist whose Evidences Invisibles (translated as [...]

  • First French Food Memories with Janet Skeslien Charles

    I first met author Janet Skeslien Charles at Shakespeare & Company, the historic Paris left bank bookshop owned by the late George Whitman.  In 2005 Janet was directing a writing workshop in which I was a participant, back at a time when I had many words in my head searching for a good exit strategy.  [...]

  • Food and Memories: A Series of Talks with Expatriate Food-lovers in France

    Ask anyone who has returned from a vacation in France about their trip, and inevitably one of the first things they will share with you is their excitement over a memorable food discovery. “Oh, the bread! I’ve never had a better baguette!” or “I found the best macaron in this little bakery near the Bastille!”   [...]

  • American Cuisine for the French Palate: A USA Diner Hits Normandy

    Verneuil sur Avre is a traditional French town in Haute Normandie. The main square is a beautiful display of historic split-beamed buildings whose windows overflow with flower boxes; the Saturday morning open air market offers fresh local products and good conversation; the many restaurants serve tempting fare which rivals what you’d find in Michelin-starred establishments. [...]

  • How to Eat Cheap in France

    What food do people eat in France and how to dine cheaply? Well, my travelling friend, if you are weary from your journeys across Europe and feeling the crunch from some of the more expensive countries such as Finland and Norway, your time in France will be a nice respite. Relative to most of Western [...]

  • Return to France After Overstaying Visa

    My Canadian girlfriend overstayed her visa in France but was not punished when leaving, she has been out of the Schengen zone for three weeks and received a new passport, is it OK for her to return to France? This can all change at anytime, of course, but it is my impression that if your [...]

  • France Visa

    France is part of the Schengen Zone, so tourists from 25 or so countries (mostly class A passport countries, Central America, and a few Balkan states) can enter visa free for stays of up to 90 days out of any 180 day period. For other nationalities, student, business, work, or other visas, the applicant must [...]