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  • Illegal Entry to Europe Without Visa

    Entry to Europe for South African without a Visa Question: Hey Wade! I’ve read through everything online I can, so I hope you can help! I’m south African, and I have an irish spouse. We are crewing on a yacht thats sailing from England to Italy. I thought I didn’t need a visa because I [...]

  • Reentering Europe After Visa Overstay on Different Passport

    Q: Can I reenter Europe after overstaying my visa in Switzerland with a different passport? A: Hello, While it is true that you were probably banned from reentering the Schengen zone of Europe after overstaying your tourist visa in Switzerland, it seems to me that if you were to attempt returning on your second passport [...]

  • Visa Overstay Due to Medical Reason

    Can I get an extension on my Schengen visa if I have a medical reason? Can I break my trip to Europe into multiple parts to avoid overstaying? Yes, you can break up the Schengen tourist visa into multiple trips. It is good for 180 days, but you only get 90 within the region. You [...]

  • Vacation in London or Paris Paris

    If you had a five day vacation would you choose to go to London or Paris? Hello, I would say, without a doubt, that if I had to choose between London or Paris for a five day vacation that I would choose the latter. Why? Two reasons: 1. Paris tends to have better weather. I [...]

  • News Politics Current Events in France

    News, Politics, and Current Events in France What is going on in France? Are there any warnings for travelers that you would like to share? What is the political situation? Report the news in France below. Help other travelers by letting them know what the situation is like on the ground in France. Read News [...]

  • Photos from France

    Photos from FranceIn the winter of 2007 I found myself traveling in France for the second time. The first time I rode a ferry boat over from Ireland and landed in Cherbourg. After around an hour of walking around I decided that it was high time to head out to Spain, and I immediately hoped [...]

  • New Year’s Eve in France

    News Year’s Eve in FranceI once heard a story about how everybody in France throws all of their old furniture out of the window and into the streets below at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. I waited up for it this year in France, and I did not even hear a squirrel [...]

  • On Leaving France

    On Leaving FranceMy exit from France last Wednesday began with a big rush to the train station in Ales. I thought I forgot my camera at my friend’s home when we were half way there. I did the math and determined that it would be cheaper and less of a hassle to ditch the flight [...]

  • Driving in France

    I have been driving a car in France for the past month. This was the first country outside of the USA that I ever had to drive in, and, I must say, it has been a learning experience. The car that I am driving here is a broken down Euro-edition Ford jaloppy that is falling [...]

  • Tattoos in Chile and Friends

    Tattoos in Chile and Friends“No hay mal que por bien no venga.”There is no bad from which good does not come.-Old Latin American adageI have not been with my Chilean friends since those fateful days I was tramping around South America. In Santiago, goods and amenities are divided into their own towering buildings by their [...]