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The Most Beautiful Natural Wonders in Greece

How to explore the natural beauty of Greece.

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is no wonder why. Its immense beauty is something that nobody can’t deny, and no matter if you travel solo, with family, or as a couple, you will surely find a special place in Greece that will enchant you. If you want to see the best of Greece, then a ferry trip is for you. The Greek islands are scattered about and can be reached by ferry boat. If you’re into nightlife you might like Mykonos, but if you’re more laid-back you should try booking a ferry trip on letsferry.com to a refreshing haven like Leros. Take your time exploring these beautiful places that have beaches, mountains, volcanoes, and much more.

But have you ever wondered just how much more Greece has to offer than meets the eye? Do you want to know what kinds of natural wonders you could visit while in Greece?

Sitting on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is a small country with a lot to offer. From its history to its people, there are many reasons why it is one of the most visited countries in all of Europe. But if you are looking for something a bit more than just an ancient site, or a quaint village, they have that too.

For those looking to see some incredible natural wonders that Greece has to offer, here is a list of the most beautiful natural wonders in all of Greece that will be sure to get your heart racing and take your breath away.

Volcanic rocks of Falakro

First up on our list of natural wonders that are a must-see when visiting Greece is the Volcanic rocks of Falakro. The Island of Lemnos is an underrated destination and an underrated holiday location. Not too many people go out of their way to visit here, but if you do, you will find some of the most spectacular views, including that of the volcanic rocks of Falakro.

The incredible smooth rock formations come from long ago before the volcanoes became dormant. While this may be a little scary, these volcanoes have been dormant for a very long time and show no risk of being dangerous any time soon.
You will find the unusually shaped rocks at the northernmost part of the island. It is definitely worth the trip up there.

Petrino Dasos

Next up on our list of natural wonders in Greece is Petrino Dasos. In the northwest part of mainland Greece, you will find these incredible rock formations that almost look like giant stacks of pancakes.

Found in the region of Epirus, these rock formations at the famous Stone Forest have been named Petrino Dasos and are a must-see if you are staying on the mainland. This formation can be admired from afar by standing at a viewpoint, or even up close if you want to take a walk.

Surrounded by masses of greenery and trees, this is truly a sight to behold and not something to miss.

Melissani Lake Cave

Continuing down our list of natural wonders in Greece, the next wonder we have is Melissani Lake Cave. This is exactly what you might think it would be. A lake that is literally inside of a cave. This cave is in the ground and opens up to the sky. Revealing some of the most beautiful colors you have ever witnessed.

This underground lake can be found on the island of Kefalonia and is said to be roughly 20 meters below the surface of the ground. This is truly a natural wonder if there ever was one. Many people visit this lake in a cave to marvel at the incredible rock formations surrounding it, but also at the wonder of the lake itself.

Gomati desert

When one thinks about Greece they think about the ocean, rolling beaches, and endless mountains. However, Greece is actually home to a desert too. The Gomati deserts.
This small desert can be found on the island Lemnos, near the coastline. The sand dunes cover over 17.5 acres of land and are constantly changing with the direction of the wind. If you want to see something a bit different while visiting Greece this is definitely the place to visit.


Last but not least, we have Meteora. Located in the center of the mainland, this is truly a sight to behold. Here you will find towering rock formations with medieval monasteries, including some that still function.

It is a mystery as to how these monasteries were built on such strange formations, but aside from that, there is no doubt that the view from here is one of the most incredible ones that you will come across in your lifetime. Mixing natural wonders with man-made wonders, making a truly magical experience.

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