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Practices To Follow When Traveling With Your Vape

Know the rules.

Vaping is way more convenient than smoking. It can smell like virtually anything you want it to smell like, the design is handy and portable, and it’s certainly easier to find a place allowing you to vape. It’s difficult to wonder why the popularity of e-cigarettes is rapidly growing, especially that you don’t necessarily need nicotine to vape while still getting the relaxing effect of inhaling and exhaling.

However, because it’s a relatively new mainstream habit, many people aren’t sure how to get around it. What are the rules? Is there some vaping etiquette? What if you want to travel with your vape pen? How to choose the best mod based on your needs? Vaping regulations and popularity still vary significantly in different countries, so it might be challenging to know how to behave. And, if you want to find the answer to the last question, you might want to check this guide to vape mods.

That’s why we have prepared this short guide on practices to follow when traveling with your vape pen. Read on to avoid problems in the future without giving up your e-cigarette.

Vaping in a Bar or a Restaurant

Whenever you go out, you should always check if your chosen destination allows vaping inside, in designated areas only, or not at all. Many places implement non-smoking policies, aiming to create an intimate environment for their clients. However, there still are many bars and restaurants that allow vaping inside, so it’s best to ask the bartender, waiter, or restaurant manager first. You surely want to avoid any unwanted arguments or feel like you’re being treated like the enemy, not to mention disturbing other people.

Still, even when vaping is allowed inside, you shouldn’t take it too far. Don’t vape non-stop, and try not to blow directly towards other customers. Unpleasant situations will not only disrupt other people’s time, but they might also ruin your night.

Flying with a Vape Pen

Vapers got a bit larger and more advanced since they were first introduced. Now they have more powerful batteries and chargers as well as refillable tanks. As such, the majority of airlines have already introduced proper regulations and limitations, so make sure you know the rules of your chosen carrier before getting onboard.

For example, most airlines forbid placing e-cigarettes in checked luggage. That’s because batteries carry the risk of starting a fire. As such, you will be required to have it in your carry-on bag. Similarly to smoking, vaping is not allowed on the plane, so you will need to wait until you arrive at your destination.

We have a helpful additional tip: don’t fill the tank before getting on board as it can leak and potentially damage other items in your bag. Save yourself some trouble and do it once you’re back on the ground. It’s also vital to remember that vape pens are also subjected to the 1-Quart Liquid Rule.

Vaping in a Car

If you are a passenger, you should ensure that everyone else in the car is alright with you vaping. If they are, you need to be wary not to cause any unnecessary risk or damage. Bear in mind that you’re not alone – don’t blow the smoke towards other passengers and, most importantly, the driver.

If you are the driver, things get a bit trickier. More and more places forbid vaping while driving, so make sure you know the rules before doing anything. However, first and foremost, you should remember about everyone’s safety. Even if vaping behind the wheel is legally allowed, you need to consider if you are able to do it while giving the road your full attention.

In addition, if you want to vape during a road trip, make sure to charge your e-cigarette before hitting the road.

Choose a Destination Carefully

If you want to travel with your vape pen and can’t imagine not vaping for a more extended period, you need to choose a destination wisely. Some locations have more restrictions regarding e-cigarettes than others – there are countries where vaping is entirely forbidden. You don’t want to end up in one of these places if you are inseparable from your vape.

For example, most South American countries have very strict regulations on e-cigarettes; Thailand is also not vaping-friendly. On the other hand, places like England, Canada, or New Zealand give you a lot of freedom when it comes to vaping as long as you’re over 18.

Moreover, there are even vape-related events all over the world, e.g., The Hall of Vape in Germany, Vapitaly in Italy, or Vape Fair in Jakarta.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is quickly becoming more and more popular worldwide, no matter if someone does it for recreational purposes or wants to quit smoking. However, remember that the practice is still relatively new, so rules are constantly changing all over the world. As such, it’s vital to stay updated with the latest regulation regarding vaping in your country or state.

Last but not least, always have other people in mind. Your habit can never disturb anyone else, especially if you are in a public place. Common courtesy is key to keeping everyone peaceful and satisfied.

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