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The Best Products to Get in a Travel Size Before Vacation

You only have a certain about of space to carry your gear, so be sure to get what you can in the smallest containers.

Monos suitcase

So, you’re planning to go on a much-needed vacation — how exciting! But how and what are you going to pack? You’d be surprised by how many products take up a ton of room in a suitcase or carry-on. Some toiletries and other products come in portable travel sizes. Depending on the product, they might be designed to comply with TSA regulations for flying. Different countries and states will have different regulations regarding what products can and can’t be used. These are some of the top products to buy in a travel size before you go on vacation. Stow them in your purse, carry-on bag, or suitcase.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

You’re probably familiar with travel-sized toothpaste already. These small tubes have just enough toothpaste to last for a few weeks. Since they’re compact and portable, they’re a lot easier to pack into a tight toiletry bag. Did you know that there are also travel toothbrushes? These brushes are more compact and smaller than your average brush. Some of them even fold up to be stored more easily. If you’re going on vacation and have limited packing space in your bag, you’ll likely appreciate this nifty design.

Travel Wipes

Travel wipes are great to have in case of sticky hands or other mishaps. They also allow you to sanitize your hands when you’re away from a bathroom. For women traveling overnight, these wipes are a great makeup remover hack plus they are super handy. Makeup removal is an important thing to consider as you pack, if you wear makeup. The bar soap at hotels isn’t often good enough to use on your face. You’ll want something gentler like the wipes.


Many people aren’t even aware that vaporizers come in travel sizes. But a portable vape can be tucked into your luggage and brought with you wherever you go. Of course, you should always look at travel restrictions before packing. If you want to invest in a new vaporizer before your next vacation, you can look at the best portable vaporizer guide 2021. You’ll compare different models to determine which is best for you based on factors like the biggest clouds, biggest tank, and best overall user experience.

Lotions and Creams

When you travel, taking care of your skin is important because your skin is more likely to become dehydrated. Whether you’re moving through low humidity terrain or just have less time to moisturize, you’ll want to have lotion on hand. But lotion bottles are often massive and cumbersome. That’s where travel sized lotions and creams come into play. These can be easily tucked into a purse or briefcase. When you feel your hands becoming dry, you can moisturize them with a quick pump. 

The travel sizes are even good for those who aren’t going on vacation. Are you just worried about packing everything well enough for your morning commute? If that’s the case, adding some wipes and lotion to your purse will be a lifesaver. Similarly, you might consider getting a travel size of moisturizing lip balm. Your lips are likely to get chapped when you’re on the go.

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