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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Skin While Traveling

How to nourish your skin when on the road.


Have you ever gone on a trip looking fresh and came back looking ten years older? Well, traveling can be very exhausting for your skin. Cabin air on planes is very dry and it can dehydrate your skin quickly. Additionally, all the sun and sweat can cause a ton of other problems as well. So what can you do to look fabulous all throughout your trip? Here’s a simple guide to taking care of your skin while traveling.

Stock up on sunscreen

Most people spend a lot of time in the sun during their travels. While you might want to get a nice tan, too much harsh sun can cause sunburns, blemishes and even skin cancer. So, if you don’t want to look like you need a Beverly Hills MD, wherever you go, make sure to use a lot of sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Apply it every time you leave your hotel and reapply every 30 minutes, especially if you’re sweating or swimming. And don’t worry, you will tan either way, just in a much healthier and safer way.

Simplify your makeup

To help your skin stay fresh and plump, do your best to simplify your makeup routine. If you don’t dare leave your hotel without any makeup, make some compromises and avoid any foundation or powders since they definitely worsen the drying of the skin. A bit of mascara and some lip gloss won’t do your skin any damage, though. If you want to board the plane with a full face of makeup, take a quick trip to the toilet in the plane and use a moisturizing cleanser to remove your makeup. Later, slip back into your seat and enjoy the rest of the flight.

Invest in a good moisturizer

Moisturizing is the most important thing when traveling. While you can freely cut back on other skincare routine steps, make sure to keep this one strong. For the best effect, moisturize your skin head to toe whenever you get the chance. Something effective yet natural will ensure you get all the benefits without risking breakouts—you don’t want any pimples and redness on your travel photos.

Cleanse when you reach your destination

When you arrive at your accommodation, give your skin a good cleanse with a gentle scrub or cleanser. This move will remove all the dead skin cells and built-up oils that accumulated during your flight and transfer. After a gentle scrub, moisturize your entire body to bring back moisture to your skin and feed it with beneficial nutrients. You can also use a mask or a peel once a week to turn over those cells, get rid of dark spots and other blemishes and exfoliate your skin properly.

Avoid hotel soaps

It’s very practical to rely on hotel soaps, especially if you like to travel light, but these should be avoided. Hotels usually provide guests with low-quality products that can further worsen the drying of your skin. If you’re prone to allergic reactions and know you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use your own skin products instead of trying something new on your trip.

Stay hydrated

Another way to hydrate your skin is to keep your entire body hydrated with plenty of water. It might be inviting to just sip margaritas during your trip, but water is the best way to hydrate while traveling. A glass of wine or beer is more than fine, but too much alcohol will dehydrate you even further. It’s best to aim for around 8 glasses of water a day, even more if you’re sweating.

These easy skincare traveling tips will come in handy no matter the destination and the purpose of your trip. Your skin will look healthy and fresh throughout your trip and you will come back with amazing photos ready to grace your Instagram.

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