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The Corner Restaurant

Where I go to work when I need to escape working.

This is the restaurant that I go to for an afternoon beer when I can no longer continue on with a shift of work at the laptop. I can put in ten hours straight, from 4am to 2pm, but that’s about the limit. 

I physically need to take a break even though my wheels are still spinning. I know that I still have a little left in the tank, so I head out to this restaurant and write in a notebook or blog from my phone. 

I like this place. It has all the grace of a hole in a wall, but the older couple running it always smile at you. I’ve never seen the guy wear a shirt. But, then again, I’m not sure if I’d recognize him if he was. 

However, none of the guys who go to this restaurant really wear shirts. They sit in there bare chested slurping noodles and drinking beer. Some have roughly done, traditional Chinese style tattoos over their backs.

My kind of place. 

I show up ragged from the laptop road, get my 95 cent can of beer, sit back and relax. I write some scripts, sketch out some plans, figure out where I need to go and who I need to meet to keep moving on. 

I don’t wear a shirt.

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