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Abandoned Military Camp

Explorations with Petra.

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KINMEN, ROC- I go for rides with my daughter Petra on the moped after I finish working for the day. We mostly just buzz around the countryside in the early evening, looking for stuff we didn’t know about or anything that could be described as strange, interesting — anything but boring. 

“Boring” has become one of the eight-year-olds most uttered statements. 

Today we found and old abandoned military camp. It looked like a place that soldiers once lived. But it had been deserted long ago. The doors on the buildings were wide open, pieces of walls and roofs were starting to crumble. 

There is this feeling that you get when walking through places that people once lived but don’t anymore. It’s the knowledge that life happened there. You can still feel it in a way. It brings you to attention; sparks imagination…

I tried to explain this to my daughter. 

“Booorrrriiinnnngggg,” was her reply. 


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