Photos from the Czech Republic



Photos from the Czech Republic

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The following photographs were taken in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2008. They are of Prague, Olomouc, Kromeriz, Straznice, Hodonin, Czech trains, people, and the beginnings of a great bicycle journey from the Czech Republic to Turkey.   

Click on the links to go to the photos:

Wine and Vineyards in the Czech Republic

Bicycle Riding in the Czech Republic

Czech Girls Beer and Bicycles

Czech Republic Traditional Clothes Folk Music

Soviet Tanks Russian Military Equipment

Czech Republic Olomouc Holiday

Traditional Czech Clothing and Costumes

Czech Republic Food, Graffiti, Tattoo

Architecture in the Czech Republic

Olomouc Czech Republic

Nightlife in Prague Czech Republic

Prague Archaeology Tourists, Marionette Theatre

Franz Kafka and Short Skirt Girls in Prague

Old Town Square of Prague, Czech Republic

Astrological Clock, Castles, Churches in Prague

Archaeology and Baroque Architecture in Prague, Czech Republic

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Photos from the Czech Republic

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