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Czech Republic Olomouc Holiday Photos    Czech Republic Olomouc Holiday Pictures

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Cathedral in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. This is a major tourist attraction in the city.

Baroque cathedral in Olomouc.

Czech woman dressed up as an old-fashioned lady in traditional clothes as she dances on a stage.

Actor dancing in Olomouc.

Kebabs in the Czech Republic.

Every year in Olomouc, Czech Republic there is a big celebration to celebrate the founding - or rather preserving - of the city. People dress in traditional clothes, have mock warfare, and parades. Go to
Olomouc: Hidden European History for more on this.

Czech girl riding a horse.

Military war re-enactor in Olomouc celebrating the founding of the city.

Great mustaches.

The arch-bishop of Olomouc carrying the ashes that keep away the plague.

 Photos from the Czech Republic

Czech Republic Olomouc Holiday Photos

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