Architecture in the Czech Republic


Architecture in the Czech Republic Photos    Architecture in the Czech Republic Pictures

The following photographs were taken in the Czech Republic during the summer of 2008 on my travels through Eastern Europe.

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Czech people waiting for the train in Prague.

Airplane bar in Olomouc. It is said that this is a really seedy bar.

The Pusy shop. I can only speculate about what you can buy here.

Monument in Olomouc's town center.

Typical Czech Republic architecture.

Olomouc is a nice little city in the east of the Czech Republic around three hours from Prague. It is on the way to Krakow in Poland, Bratislava in Slovakia, and Budapest in Hungary.

Streets and buildings of Olomouc in the Moravia area of the Czech Republic.

Morava River going through Olomouc.

Architecture in the Czech Republic.

 Photos from the Czech Republic

Architecture in the Czech Republic Photos

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