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  • How Can Indian Citizen Get a Visa to the UK UK visa requirements map

    How can an Indian citizen get a visa to England/ UK? Unless you are able to use an online service such as iVisa, the process for an Indian citizen to get a visa to England/ UK seems very drawn out and complicated. It seems as if you must first procure the proper application papers, which [...]

  • Strip Search A Nine Year Old? Heathrow Airport Security Threat Goes Too Far

    Is this legal?

  • On the Road of Ambition

    There are no rest stops here.

  • End of an Era: The London Olympic Cleanup

    The London Olympics are over, what are they going to do with all of those new buildings?

  • Two Big Reasons to Visit the UK in 2012

    The summer of 2012 is to be an exciting and significant year in UK history for two main reasons, the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. Here is why… 1. The 2012 Olympic Games The Olympic Games will take place between 27th July and 12th August 2012. Although mainly concentrated in London, in some existing and [...]

  • How to Marry a UK Citizen and Get an EU Passport

    If I marry a British citizen can I get an EU passport and open a business in France? Yes, if you’re an EU citizen you can set up business in any other EU country. EU citizen can stay for as long as they want in any other EU country. To get married to a UK [...]

  • Flying to the United Kingdom Tips

    Air Travel to United Kingdom Let’s make one thing clear from the start here: there are a lot of major airports in the UK. Considering the distance between major cities is relatively small, it doesn’t seem necessary for there to be quite so many. Maybe it is because the UK is an easy first stop [...]

  • Recommended Travel Destinations in the United Kingdom

    Good places to travel around the United Kingdom With so much history on what is a relatively small island, there is plenty to and see in the UK that is free, or at least very cheap, however if you are planning on spending a decent length of time you might want think about investing in [...]

  • Culture in the United Kingdom

    What are the people like in the United Kingdom? “Mustn’t Grumble.”When I first moved to the UK from America I must admit that it was not at all what I was expecting. For some reason I guess I thought that as it was geographically between the US and the European continent the culture would be [...]

  • How to Eat Cheaply in the United Kingdom

    A guide to eating cheap in the United Kingdom Food in the United Kingdom always gets a bad rap from travelers. Ok, so it isn’t the fanciest cuisine in the world, but it’s not the worst either. For one thing, you are unlikely to find menus serving something you previously thought of as a pet. [...]