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  • United Kingdom Visa

    Submit information and links about how to obtain travel visas to United-Kingdom. How did you get your United-Kingdom visa? Contribute information below to help other travelers. Reader questions about UK visa What do do after overstaying UK visa Oh MG….I really did not know the visa was 6mos…I assumed it was a year..I came 30yrs [...]

  • What is a Code 3 UK Immigration Stamp?

    Q: I was given a code 3 stamp in my passport when entering England (UK) via Gatwick, what does this mean? A: Generally, being given a code 3 entry stamp when going through UK immigration is nothing to worry about in and of itself. All landings in England/ UK are coded, and tourists are generally [...]

  • Taxes Raise Price of Air Travel to the UK

    The United Kingdom, or London more precisely, was once a great air travel gateway into Europe. I would purchase one budget airline ticket from the USA (or wherever in the world I happened to be) to London for around $200, and then buy another budget airline ticket from there into the heart of Europe. But [...]

  • Big Travel Business Continue to Merge

    Big name travel businesses continue to merge, less choices for consumers Big travel businesses continue to merge together, leaving less choices, competition, and potential higher prices for consumers. Last week, Continental and United Airlines joined up into one mega-airline, becoming the largest in the world: The world’s biggest airline got clearance for take-off today as [...]

  • How to Become a European Resident Through Marriage

    Question: How can a UK citizen marry a non EU citizen in Europe? Answer: Hello Chloe, It seems as if there is only one thing for you to do if you want to get married, stay together, and do everything as legally as possible: return to England and get married in your home country. Getting [...]

  • Vacation in London or Paris Paris

    If you had a five day vacation would you choose to go to London or Paris? Hello, I would say, without a doubt, that if I had to choose between London or Paris for a five day vacation that I would choose the latter. Why? Two reasons: 1. Paris tends to have better weather. I [...]

  • What Happens if I Overstay My UK Visa

    What is the penalty for overstaying a UK visa? Hello, It seems that if you overstay your visa in the UK that you will more than likely that you could be barred from entering again for an unspecified amount of time. But my question to you is, why do you think that you only got [...]

  • How Can Indian Citizen Get a Visa to the UK UK visa requirements map

    How can an Indian citizen get a visa to England/ UK? The process that an Indian citizen to get a visa to England/ UK seems very drawn out and complicated. It seems as if you must first procure the proper application papers, which you can download from UK visa applications, and then you must be [...]

  • Entering England UK After Overstaying Schengen Visa

    Hello, Yes, you are very correct, England is a little vigilant on Schengen visa overstayers — often much more so than some of the actual countries of the Schengen region themselves — but this does not mean that they process and send back all visa overstayers for punishment. Though it is true that some travelers [...]

  • Dinosaur Hunting in Dorset

    Dinosaur hunting in Dorset Wow, a real piece of dinosaur in your hand. It is a possibility… Fossil hunting is not just for scientific types – it’s a fun activity that can be done by all the family. Dorset, in the south of England, offers world class fossil beds. Anyone can have a go at [...]