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  • Clothing in Guinea

    Guinea is a country located in West Africa. It is a predominately Muslim community. People in Guinea dress similar to other countries in West Africa. The clothing tends to be loose and conservative, though specific clothing styles vary depending on ethnicity. Traditionally men wear long loose gowns or robes over loose pants that are tapered [...]

  • Senegal Border Crossing

    Border crossing can be a stressful part of traveling, this page is to provide information about crossing the Senegal border. Did you ever cross a land border into this country? If so, submit a record of your experience of crossing the border into Senegal below. What does a traveler need to go to Senegal? What [...]

  • Teach English in Seychelles

    Seychelles in an archipelago located off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. English is one of the official languages of the island. However Seychellois Creole remains the mother tongue. All school children will study English in school. English teachers seeking work in Seychelles will probably have the best luck on the main [...]

  • Playing Football in Cape Town: The Aftermath of the 2010 World Cup

    It’s always exciting to begin a new year – and, as a Londoner, 2012 is all the more auspicious, as the Olympics arrive in our fair city this summer. Billions of pounds of investment have gone into regenerating London’s East End rust-belt, transforming chemical-stained land into a gleaming athlete’s village. But what’s going to be [...]

  • Breakdown of Traditional Beliefs Put Ecosystems in Danger

    Long honed cultural traditions, sometimes even the most ridiculous, often make sense if observed in the environment or historical contexts in which they were honed. Traditional/ old/ indigenous cultures around the world often have mechanisms which either directly or indirectly teach its members how to live sustainably within their environments — a practice often referred to [...]

  • Clothing in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Traditionally men and women in Congo wore clothes made of raffia. This is only used today though, in special ceremonies. It is much more common to see women wearing long skirts and tops with bold patterns and colors. Headwraps and hats are also popular as fashion and sun protection. Men wear a dashiki-style long shirt, [...]

  • Clothing in Ghana

    People in Ghana take pride in how they dress. There is often a gender and generational divide in clothing in Ghana. The older generation tends to wear more traditional clothes, while the younger generation tends to wear the universal costume of youth: jeans and a t-shirt. Women tend to wear more traditional clothing than men. [...]

  • Clothing in Lesotho

    Lesotho is not exactly known as a fashion capital. Many people live in animal husbandry and agriculturally based villages and wear clothing that is practical for their lifestyle.  One of the most common clothing articles you will see is a warm blanket wrapped as a shawl around the shoulders. Both men and women wear this [...]

  • Bushmeat is an Important Part of Diet for People in Rainforests

    A recent study by researchers at UC Berkeley, shows that bushmeat — game — taken from forests in many locations around the world is an essential part of the diets of the people who live there, and even helps to prevent anemia in children. The study was conducted in the Makira Protected Area of Madagascar, which is a global hot spot for biodiversity, and the findings have created a ripple between conservation efforts and human health initiatives.

  • Names of Countries are Different Relative to Language for a Reason

    Ivorians call their country Côte d’Ivoire, the Thai call their country Prathet Thai, the Chinese call their country Zhōngguó, the Japanese call Japan Nippon, Russians call their homeland Rossiya, the Fins call their country Suomi, the people who live in the Czech Republic call it Česká Republika, Turkey is known to its residents as Türkiye, [...]