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  • A Profile Of A Chinese Backpacker

    Though finding an independent Chinese backpackers off the beaten track is rare, they are out there, traveling the world. Expect to meet them more and more as international travel becomes more popular in China.

  • Backpacking Blind: The Magnificent Story Of Alessandro Bordini

    Alessandro Bordini has almost circumnavigated Africa overland on a RTW journey without the aid of eyesight. This is a truly amazing story.

  • A New Model for Development: A Talk With Ernesto Sirolli

    Ernesto Sirolli recently delivered a powerful TED talk where he pointed out the failings of international aid and proposed a new model for development. He now shares more of this vision of facilitating entrepreneurship around the world with Vagabond Journey.

  • Trekking to Morocco’s Highest Peak

    A journey up Morocco’s highest peak, Toubkal mountain.

  • A Moroccan Journey Series Introduction

    The above video is a trailer for Pierre Laurent’s A Moroccan Journey series that will be published on Vagabond Journey starting this month. The series will include the stories, images, and videos that Pierre collected on his journey into the hinterlands of Morocco this past May. After watching the above trailer I can say that [...]

  • Volunteering in Kibera, Nairobi: Challenges and Questions

    A journey into a Nairobi slum on World Health Day which shows the challenges that volunteers must face when doing work abroad.

  • Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

    High up in the Virungas Mountains, trying to balance on twigs with nothing to hold on to, Sheila looks up to see a large female gorilla approaching her with seemingly no plan to walk around her. Face to face with the gorilla, Sheila is unsure where to move. The ground below her is slippery and [...]

  • Mauritania Border Crossing

    This is a page of stories, anecdotes, and information about crossing the border into and out of Mauritania. From Western Sahara From Nigel Beardsley: I purchased a motorcycle in Morocco and am over landing in Africa. I have traveled through Morocco and into the Western Sahara. Exited morocco by crossing a minefield! Formalities on exiting [...]

  • Gambia Border Crossing

    Information about crossing the borders to and from Gambia. Senegal – Gambia border I crossed at the usual crossing of Karang. This was a very pleasant experience compared to Rosso. On the Senegal side formalities were completed without any expectation or demand for a gift. No hustlers offering their services for money. The only small [...]

  • Second Ivorian Civil War Podcast with Andy Graham

    In March of 2011, a contested presidential election in Cote d’Ivoire lead to politically motivated violence as well as opportunistic rioting throughout the country. As the militaries/ militias of both presidential candidates attacked their opponent’s supporters the country feel into disarray. On one side of the line was the standing president, Laurent Gbagbo, a Christian; [...]