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4 Things To Consider Before Heading to Mykonos

What you need to know before you go.


Have you ever thought of spending your summer vacation on one of the most stunning and interesting islands in the Aegean Sea? Then we advise that you carefully plot out your entire vacation to Mykonos. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations because of its picture-perfect beauty: white sand beaches, crystal blue oceans, and genuine Cycladic islands. There are a few things to think about before visiting this lively Greek island for a vacation, though, so that you can make the most of your time there. Here’s a complete guide to Mykonos with four crucial considerations, including everything you need to experience the perfect trip for this amazing island!

When To Go

The months of April through October offer the ideal weather for a trip to Mykonos. Avoid the crowds by scheduling your vacation outside of July and August, the peak tourist months. When planning your trip, keep in mind that many island businesses close for the winter months, leaving you with fewer lodging and dining alternatives. Warm weather, fewer tourists, and lower hotel prices are to be had in May and October, but you may find that some businesses are closed as well. Now, you can plan for the best time to visit Mykonos that suits your preferences.

How To Get There

From Athens, you may take a plane or a boat to Mykonos. It takes around four hours to get there by boat, but just about an hour by plane. Once you arrive, you may take advantage of the island’s superb public transportation system, the taxi service, or a rental vehicle. Mykonos may be reached easily by anyone, whether they are currently in Greece or coming from another country. Mykonos is accessible through several domestic and foreign airlines, as well as the usual ferry service.

Where To Stay

Visitors may choose from a wide range of hotels, villas, flats, and guesthouses. Some of the best boutique hotels in Mykonos can be found on the beachfront, such as those located on Platis Gialos or Paradise Beach. However, when it comes to lodging, luxury-seekers won’t be disappointed; there is a range of luxurious villas available on the island, from whitewashed hideaways with breathtaking views to more modern properties with all the bells and whistles. From private pools surrounded by terraces to gorgeous gardens full of blossoming shrubs, luxury villas on Mykonos, especially those offered by The King of Villas, offer some of the most beautiful settings that nature has to offer. If you’re more into the hotel experience, the majority of the island’s five- and four-star hotels are concentrated in Mykonos Town, but there are many more options in the smaller beach communities scattered around the island.

What To Do

Mykonos is a great destination for both a laid-back beach vacation and an action-packed getaway. Windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling are just some of the most well-liked pastimes. You won’t have time to become bored in the evenings since Mykonos is filled with great places to eat, drink, and dance.

  • The island’s vibrant capital, Town, greets visitors with open arms and promises a colorful holiday. Fairytale-like, what with all the pristine Cycladic villas near the water and the stone-paved streets! 
  • You may go on a shopping spree at the high-end stores, or you can relax with a drink at one of the many stylish pubs. When night falls, there are plenty of places to go clubbing until morning.
  • There are water taxis available. Leaving at Platis Gialos, it passes within a short distance of seven of the island’s most well-known beaches. The fee for admission to the beach and back is 10 euros. A one-day pass that grants entry to many beaches costs 20 euros.
  • The quickest and most convenient method to get around the island is to rent a vehicle or scooter. You may go whenever you choose and stop by beaches and other destinations that are inconveniently out of the way for public transportation.
  • One of the most well-liked things to do on Mykonos is to check out the deserted islet of Delos. There are several day trips to choose from to see the highlights of this unassuming island off the coast of Mykonos.
  • Please don’t try to make it seem like this isn’t a major factor in your decision to visit Mykonos. Whether you’re feeling like cocktails and bubbles or a glass of wine, you can always enjoy the weather. The time has come to experience the renowned Mykonian nightlife.


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