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10 Amenities Vacation-Goers Demand When Staying in a Costa Rican Villa 

A list of everything you want when on a luxury trip to Costa Rica.

Tortuga, Costa Rica

Vacation-goers can be picky. When they plan vacations to gorgeous Costa Rica, they often seek out villa resorts that can provide them with the most luxurious and thrilling amenities. If you’re looking to find the perfect villa resort, here are ten amenities vacation-goers demand when staying in a Costa Rican villa: 

1. Personalized Gourmet Chefs

Few things are as important to vacation-goers as the type (and quality) of food they can enjoy while on their adventure. Thankfully, Costa Rican villas are known for having private gourmet chefs that take great care of every resident they interact with. At Vista Hermosa, you get meals cooked by private gourmet chefs every single day, allowing you to take your taste buds on the adventure of a lifetime. 

2. Incredible Bar Options 

Vacation time is the perfect time to enjoy some delicious drinks (responsibly, that is). Every villa you look into will have some stellar drinking options, such as fully-stocked bars and even swim-up bars in some cases. No matter what type of drink you like, the bartenders and staff will help you find a local, authentic Costa Rican drink choice that will help you relax and feel alive during your time in Costa Rica. 

3. Full-Time Maid Services

Who wants to constantly be cleaning up after themselves while on vacation? Nobody, that’s who. Thankfully, Costa Rican villas typically come stocked with full-time maid services that help you keep your room tidy and comfortable at all times. While you’re out enjoying unique meals and Costa Rican experiences, these maids will do their best to keep your room sparkly and attractive for when you return to recharge. 

4. Live Entertainment 

Seeing local live entertainment is a great way to soak up Costa Rica’s culture. Villas will invite local artists, or even have resident artists, that are meant to make you swoon between other activities. Even if you just want some light live music while you enjoy an intimate meal, these villas will have you covered. Some villas even have hyper-unique live entertainment that will leave you stunned. 

5. Beautiful Beachside Spaces 

Beaches are one of the most important aspects of any Costa Rica vacation adventure. The country is known for its stunning golden beaches, and they are known to be some of the best the world has to offer. Villas that have immediate access to the beach, or that can provide you with a quick shuttle to the beach, are preferred amongst vacation-goers who enjoy beachside activities, after all. 

6. Guided Tour Adventures 

There are many amazing sights and sounds to soak in while you’re vacationing in Costa Rica. To get the party started, many villas have guided tours that can help you safely adventure outside of the resort. Just make sure to ask your personal concierge (more about them later) about the events and sightseeing opportunities available, so you can plan out your vacation itinerary ahead of time. 

7. Pre-Stocked Villa Treats 

You want to experience the vacation mindset when you’re both outside and in your resort room. Due to this, villas will pre-stock your living space with treats, meal ingredients, toiletries, and other accessories so that you do not need to take valuable time out of your vacation schedule to do so. 

8. Personal Concierge Contact

These concierges are dedicated to ensuring your vacation is lived to the fullest. Not only can they help you with tours, but they can clue you in on every fun amenity and service your villa resort has to offer. By the end of your trip, you’ll wonder how anyone effectively vacations without a personal concierge contact. 

9. Shuttle Services

Getting to and from nearby attractions, and the airport can be massively expensive if you do not have a villa-provided shuttle service to take advantage of. Thankfully, you’d be hard-pressed to find any well-known or renowned Costa Rican villa resort that does not offer quality, nearly full-time shuttle services to their customers. 

10. Spa and Massage Services 

Finally, villas will allow you to relax to the fullest via their specialized spa and massage services. No matter what type of spa treatment you might be looking for, they will have you covered. These services are available at most times of the day and can help your body open up and become ready for the vacation experience of a lifetime. 

Time to Live Out Your Costa Rica Dreams

If you find a villa resort with all of these amenities, you can rest assured that you’ll soon be living out your Costa Rica dreams. The country is well-known for how incredible, beautiful, and relaxing it is to vacation in, and with the fully-staffed, all-inclusive services villas offer, you’ll make the vacation experience absolutely perfect. 


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