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Vegas is Now a Microcosm for Gastronomical Tourists

There is more to Las Vegas’ than the all-you-can-eat buffet. Click here to read more about the incredible, international cuisines on offer in the city. 

When we think of Vegas, the first images that flash to mind may not be the food. We may think of ingenious architecture, glittering streets, towering fountains, Elvis, Monroe, the Little White Chapel and luxury at every corner. We may, of course, spare a thought for the sprawling buffets so synonymous with the biggest and smallest hotels situated along the strip, but not a level of fine-dining akin to the indomitable gourmet attractions of the world, such as Paris, Tokyo, London and Rome.

True to form, however, Vegas is ready to surprise even the most seasoned of its visitors. It has long since been a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, and the food scene is no different; visitors can find a never ending list of foody attractions that will rival even the most food-centric destinations across the globe, and needn’t limit themselves to the all you can eat buffet for every meal (although they are certainly not to be missed).

As a result, anyone with a passion for ‘gastronomic tourism’ can travel the world in eighty bites – or however many it takes – without ever leaving the city. Read more about Vegas’ thriving food scene below.

French Cuisine

The late Joël Robuchon’s legacy lives on in Las Vegas, where three of the thirty-two Michelin stars he earned over his lifetime can be found at the Joël Robuchon within the MGM Grand. This haven for luxury French cuisine remains the only three star restaurant within the city. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, then take a look at this Michelin Star Las Vegas review for more details.

Japanese Artistry

The Mizumi, situated within The Wynn Las Vegas, is hailed as one of Vegas’ greatest Japanese restaurants. Situated within private gardens that transport you from the desert to the lush, verdant spaces of rural Japan, and Devin Hashimoto’s beautifully curated menus are perfect for groups looking to experience the intricate Japanese flavours together.

Indian Delights

Indian cuisine finds an incredibly haven within Las Vegas. The city boasts an incredibly long list of unmissable restaurants for fans of the cuisine, and newcomers alike. From luxury sites to more affordable eateries, just take a look at some of the most popular destinations for lovers of Indian food in Vegas.

Classic Italian

Situated front and centre on The Strip, fans of the classic Italian style can find Secret Pizza. It’s a little more casual than some of the other top restaurants in Vegas, which means it is able to offer a calming respite from the electrifying ambiance of the city – along with an impeccably curated menu of authentic Italian delights. Similarly, Pizza Rock and Grimaldi’s Pizza remain firm favourites among fans of Italian food, and a perfect alternative to jetting off to Naples or Rome for dinner.

Authentic Chinese

The first Chinese restaurant in America to be awarded a Michelin Star, Wing Lei represents an unmissable destination for anyone with an interest in sampling Chinese cuisine. Ming Yu, the chef for Wing Lei, has poured heart and soul into devising a menu that celebrates the intricacy and diversity of Chinese food – from the bold flavours of Cantonese origin, to the spice of the Sichuan Province.

Las Vegas features many draws; from its dazzling casinos to its unrivalled skyline, any traveller should jump at the opportunity to pay this unique city a visit. At the top of anyone’s list, of course, should be sampling the incredibly diverse and rich gastronomic scene for oneself; the city is able to celebrate the inspirations it draws from across the globe through its cuisine, and to showcase talent from around the world along the infamous Strip.

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