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6 Reason Why You Need to Visit Jeddah Once in Your Lifetime

Popularly known as the bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah is an enchanting port city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are some of Jeddah’s top attractions.

Popularly known as the bride of the Red Sea, Jeddah is an enchanting port city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s a major commercial hub known for its great culture, lifestyle, and also home to the holiest place in Islam – the Mecca and Medina.

There are plenty of attractions and gripping views to explore in Jeddah where you can have a wholesome travel experience. As we observe travel restrictions getting eased gradually, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should visit Jeddah at least once in your lifetime.

#Reason 1

Gaze at the amazing Jeddah Sculpture Museum

During Mayor Mohamed Said Farzi’s tenure between 1972 and 1986, he decided to expand the city of Jeddah with his art project with a mission to transform the city through an urban development scheme. His Jeddah Beautification Project brought spectacular international artists like Alexander Calder, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Joan Miro, and many others on board for contemporary art that was open to the public.

The style of these sculptures are quite diverse and have a characteristic essence ranging from traditional Arabic designs to abstract and monumental art. There are 20 such structures called the Jeddah Sculpture Museum. Not just that, there is a public art display everywhere you travel – on roundabouts, highways, and sideroads. You would feel like you are entering into an open-air museum with such beauties to gaze at all over the place.

#Reason 2

Explore culture & lifestyle at the Souqs

Souks in Jeddah are a great place to hang out and learn more about the culture and explore some fresh local products. You’ll find the freshest seafood in the Central Fish Market and authentic local produce in the Khaimah Market.

If you want the perfect experience, then head to the most popular souq that is the Al Balad. Known literally as “the town” it is the historic center and an amazing tourist attraction. You can enjoy some traditional shopping at cheap prices. You’ll also find locals doing their grocery shopping there.

Another great place to explore is the Gabel Street Souq otherwise known as the Qabel Trail located in old Jeddah. Mainly known for its gold market, you will also find some of the authentic spices and fragrances. The gold market brings you some great deals but you need to have bargaining talent for that. If not for shopping, a simple stroll through the local coffee/tea shops itself is enough to get a priceless experience.

#Reason 3

Have a ball of a time at the Mall

There are some absolutely stunning malls if retail therapy is your fondness. Let’s know more about some popular ones:

The Red Sea Mall is the biggest shopping complex with spaces for shopping, dining, entertainment, and also office spaces. It houses the well-known 5-star hotel called Elaf Jeddah Hotel. This mall has every luxury good you’re looking for but not limited to them. You have plenty of options to choose from casual as well as posh brands. The most amusing fact of Red Sea Mall is that it has the first-ever movie theater Jeddah had.

Mall of Arabia is as famous as the Red Sea Mall but lesser in area as compared to the latter. It is located near the King Abdulaziz International Airport so it is a perfect spot for travellers to do some last-minute shopping. It has KidZania which is a children’s entertainment center, and some amazing cafes and restaurants to hang out for families.

The Jeddah International Shopping Center is inevitably the city’s oldest shopping mall holding over 150 shops for a wonderful experience. But more than that, it’s biggest feature is that it is committed to showcasing products from around the world in addition to the locally produced goods.

Other similarly famous and gleaming malls to check out are the Al Salam Mall which is a one-stop shopping paradise, the picturesque Corniche Commercial Center that has a whopping area of 11 floors home to international as well as regional goods and many more located in the city.

#Reason 4

Get awestruck by the beauty of the Floating Mosque

This Islamic mosque is one of the most visited mosques which is located on the edge of the Jeddah Corniche. It is not actually floating, the pillars beneath give an illusion as such which is a scenic beauty. It is also known as “Masjid Al Rahma” or the “Fatima Al-Zahra” Mosque. The best view you can get is during the high tides, you would get a feel that the mosque is actually floating. It has an amazing architecture for which it is the most visited attraction in Jeddah. You can enter anytime during the day or night to pay a visit or offer prayers.

#Reason 5

Experience the magnificent King Fahad Fountain

This fountain represents one of the tallest found in the world as mentioned by the Guiness World Record. It was actually donated to the city by the ruler of the city back then – King Fahad. This iconic fountain is visible from all possible viewpoints but you can get a fantastic view from the shoreline itself. The water it ejects has a speed of up to 375km per hour. Definitely not an attraction to miss!

#Reason 6

Explore aquatic life at Fakieh Aquarium

The experience here is magical, it feels like we are actually underwater exploring aquatic life. The aquarium replicates the environment found in the Red Sea and this is the first project executed on the shores of the sea. It houses more than 200 varieties of marine animals and has individually categorized areas maintaining a theme. There are many other amazements like the Dolphin and Seal Lion Show or even swimming with the Dolphins is a great way to enjoy. This is a place where people of all ages can have fun.

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