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Travel Problems

  • Too Many Rats In Kinmen Village¬†

    My wife was right: I can’t defeat the rats.  While the spiders, mosquitoes, and ants that have set up camp in our traditional home in Kinmen are manageable, the rats put everything over the top.   They are my wife’s breaking point — the threshold between enduring and getting the fuck out.  When I first [...]

  • Foreign Workers Be Warned: FBI Criminal Background Checks are Bogus thumbnail Foreign Workers Be Warned: FBI Criminal Background Checks are Bogus

    FBI Criminal Background Checks are now being required by many countries for work visas and residence permits. Though there is a big problem with this.

  • How Being a Digital Nomad Destroyed my Feet thumbnail How Being a Digital Nomad Destroyed my Feet

    The hazards of being a digital nomad.

  • This Photo Got Me Arrested in Xinjiang

    An off-hand snapshot landed the author in a police interrogation room in remote Xinjiang. Discover the tactics he used to break free.

  • I Was an Illegal Alien in Mexico Yankee go home Mexico

    Why happens when you overstay your visa in Mexico? Gar Williams finds out the hard way.

  • No-See-Ums: Small Insect, Big Travel Problem

    No-see-ums, or sand flies, are one of the most annoying insects for the world traveler. This is how I deal with them.

  • Lack Of Refrigeration Leads To Food Poisoning Mistake

    I drink bad milk and pay the price. Getting sick is part of travel, it just hits a little harder when you know you did it to yourself.

  • Losing It! The Saga Of Losing My Indonesian Departure Card

    What happens if you lose your Indonesian departure card? A beating? Detainment? A bribe? Find out here.

  • Stupid Gringo Tattoo

    I walk into my local hole-in-the-wall also know as a Tienda. I’ve got the munchies and I’ve decided to have a little mid-afternoon snack. I know just what I want, walk straight over and pick up a small package of Cremax de Nieve sabor a chocolate – that is chocolate flavored creme wafer bars. I [...]

  • Ring Road is the Artery of Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland- Iceland has one highway, it circumabulates the country, forming a perfect ring. Not surprisingly, it is come to be called Ring Road, or Route 1, and it covers a distance of roughly 1,300 km. To get between north and south, east and west in Iceland you travel around the coast on this highway [...]