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Travel Problems

  • Ring Road is the Artery of Iceland

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland- Iceland has one highway, it circumabulates the country, forming a perfect ring. Not surprisingly, it is come to be called Ring Road, or Route 1, and it covers a distance of roughly 1,300 km. To get between north and south, east and west in Iceland you travel around the coast on this highway [...]

  • Do Not Travel to Egypt During Revolution Warning

    Since the political conflicts in Egypt began earlier this year (2011) I have been receiving updates on the situation from my friend Mary Mimouna, who distributes reports out to her wide array of contacts from an associate by the name of Pat, who has been living in Egypt for a number of years. I chose to share [...]

  • Asus Eee PC Breaks Again

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- I must inform all readers, correspondents, prospective employees, friends, family, and all associates that VagabondJourney.com will be out of commission for an unspecified amount of time. The reason: The Asus Eee PC 1005 that I have been using to publish this website just kicked the bucket. This would be [...]

  • Air Travel Means Hidden Fees, Taxes, Charges

    Air travel goes to the slums as airlines cheat customers with hidden fees, charges, taxes, trickery, and scams No series on the new affronts to the modern traveler would be complete without a review of the underhanded tactics now being used by airlines to cheat money out of passengers and to make up the difference [...]

  • US Cries Wolf Against Travel to Europe

    The US government has recently issued warnings for its citizens to “be vigilant travelling in Europe, amid fears of an al-Qaeda commando-style attack.” Really? Oh yeah, and the newspapers say that Bin-Laden is in on this one, too. Who else? Sources have been dotting the travel news sphere that international intelligence has collected data that [...]

  • Exit Fees – Another Travel Expense

    Country exit fees – What am I paying for? Perhaps one of the most onerous onslaughts against the modern traveler is governments and airports charging fees to exit a country. These taxes often jump up on a traveler by surprise, and many people have been stuck in no man’s land with their jaws hanging, as [...]

  • Bank and ATM Fees for International Travel

    New Bank and ATM Fees Imposed on International Withdrawals ATM fees were once a hassle that was only reserved for when I would visit my home country, the USA. I could once travel the world over and not worry about ever paying an ATM fee — those little machines just ate and then spat back [...]

  • The Extermination of the Backpacker

    Documenting the Extermination of the Backpacker Series The art of long term budget travel — backpacking, whatever you want to call it — is becoming exterminated. Long term budget travelers are finding themselves moving through a world that is becoming more politically hostile, more expensive, and ever more in-conducive to their lifestyle. The perpetual traveler [...]

  • Thailand Travel Warnings

    Thailand Travel Warnings Do people really believe that they should not go to Thailand because of the travel warnings which say that it is a dangerous place? Because the televisions show people protesting and battling government troops? Apparently, yes, tourism has been dropping drastically since 2008, since the recent wave of color coded political problems [...]

  • Travel with an Infant is Hard

    Traveling With a Baby is Hard — My friend Craigy at Travelvice.com warned me that traveling with an infant was challenging. He gave me an open picture of the road ahead, he vividly described the rounds that moving about the world with a little person would put me through. Though I must laugh at his [...]