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The Post-COVID Travel Bucket List: Safe Countries, Whatever the Situation

Where to travel after the pandemic.

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It is safe to say that with the pandemic still ongoing, the idea of traveling is not at the forefront of many people’s minds. With various discussions about vaccine passports and lockdowns, there is a greater level of uncertainty in the world of travel. But it won’t be like this forever. Instead of finding out what we cannot do, we should think about what we can. This is where a new type of travel bucket list can come into play. The best thing we can do is look at the places we can go, and find locations that cause the least stress. Even after COVID has disappeared, we may think twice about countries that are densely populated or have poor hygiene standards. So here are some suggestions as to the places you could go, and the things you can do after life returns to normal, but you aren’t so sure…

A Taste for the Local Life

NatureWe don’t have to make the most of international travel if you. There’s plenty of locations around America that can give you peace of mind. But if you decide to stay in the US, you need to make the most of it. Consider doing a staycation of sorts but in a different state. Texas is full of opportunities. Obviously, there is a lot to do, with plenty of museums, the Texas State Capitol, and dolphin sightseeing tours. However, if you want to keep it simple, you may want to rent some accommodation by Lake Travis. Living a simple life, especially after everything that’s gone on, can give us a taste for vacation experiences that are less stressful. One of the best ways to do this is to rent a boat and go fishing, and just take it easy. You can learn more about booking a boat on Lake Travis here, and while you are there, think about venturing down to nearby Austin, so you can enjoy the nightlife and bustling city feel.

Go Away… to Norway

Northern LightsNorway is great for anybody’s post-COVID bucket list. Of course, they are home to the Northern Lights and are something that everybody should see before they shuffle off this mortal coil. One of the most stunning displays anywhere, this is worth the ticket price alone, but there are also plenty of places to stay that ensure you don’t have to interact with others if you still feel like keeping your distance. There are many glamping sites and hotels that have been certified “green,” which provides a glimpse into the wilderness and with that all-important feeling of luxury. Norway also has plenty of opportunities for winter sports lovers, so if you want to get back in touch with that daredevil inside you, Norway is the best way.

The Land of the Rising Sun… 

JapanJapan is a place that makes you dig deep into yourself, and helps you philosophize. For anybody who is looking to discover themselves in a post-pandemic world, you cannot do much better than Japan. With most of the country consisting of mountains, not to mention the fact that the food is one of the healthiest in the world (and the tastiest), but also, from a pandemic perspective, its robust attitude to health and hygiene makes it one of the most desirable locations. You only have to witness the marvel that is the Japanese public toilet to see how amazing at hygiene the Japanese really are! Japan offers something for everyone, from food lovers to nature trail enthusiasts, and for gamers and artists alike, it is a country that combines everything. It is going to be a very popular location for individuals who want their heavy dose of culture.


SloveniaComplete with rivers, the Julian Alps, and the beautiful Lake Bled, it is the ideal location for travelers who want to stay outside. We’ve heard so much about being outdoors as a way to help stem the virus, but as a tourist destination, it’s hard to beat, with its cities full of rich culture and history. And they are no slouch when it comes to wine either! With 52 varieties of grapes, Slovenia is the place for oenophiles. It’s also a country that is very much the opposite of busy. It is the ideal travel destination for people who want to keep their distance but still have all of the accouterments associated with luxury travel.

The world is changing, and as everybody’s attitudes towards travel will one day revert back to what it was, in the meantime, we can plan our ideal jaunt across the world while feeling safe.

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