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How Travel Can Provide You with a Valuable Mental Reset

Yes, travel may be all the therapy you need.

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Many people have struggled in various ways this past year. Some have had relatives or even close family members die during the pandemic. Covid-19 has made many people completely reexamine their lives.

Some relationships have not survived, while some have grown closer. Certain people have decided to change their career paths. Others have gone back to school, bought pets, or moved to different cities.

Any extraordinary event like what has happened over the past year-plus is enough to make you think about your life differently. You might still be in the process of trying to figure out what changes you want to make.

If you’re in this situation right now, you may feel like travel is the thing to help you in 2021. Let’s talk about how travel can give you a mental reset that you might need to move on from your emotional turpitude.

You Might Travel Just for a Vacation

People travel for all kinds of reasons. Maybe the only reason you want to get away this year is that you’ve worked very hard for the past few months, and you want to see some sights you never have before. Perhaps you want to visit the Washington Monument, Yellowstone National Park, or you might want to stop and see all the Texas road trip gems that you can.

Even if the pandemic did not bring about any significant life changes for you, you might want to do it to relax for a bit and break up the routine. If that’s your reason, you can plan the trip around activities you enjoy, like fishing, hiking, golfing, or anything else you most like to do. When you get home, you’ll be ready to rededicate yourself to your work and family obligations.

You Might Travel if Someone Has Died or Your Relationship Has Ended

Maybe your travels can provide you more of a catharsis than a mere vacation. Perhaps you want to get out on the road because someone you love died during the pandemic, and everything at home still reminds you of them.

If so, traveling can show you that you’re just a tiny cog in the world around you. There are billions of other individuals out there living their lives, and sometimes, it’s healthy to remind yourself of that.

You might also choose to travel this year because a relationship or marriage ended recently. This might not cheer you up, but you can at least remind yourself that you’re not alone, and your situation is hardly unique. The pandemic and the lockdown situations it created proved the death knell for some relationships and marriages.

While you might still feel pain from that, traveling can be like a much-needed palate cleanser. If you awaken in a strange hotel room or you camp out in the woods somewhere, you can think about what happened with a fresh perspective. Getting away from the physical places where the breakup or divorce occurred can be the breath of fresh air you didn’t realize you needed.

You Can Meet Some New People

You might also hit the road intending to meet some new people. Maybe you want to have a fling or make some new friends.

If you’re outgoing and don’t mind having adventures, you might find a new love interest or possible friendships far from home. Maybe they can provide you with a fresh perspective if their lives are very different from yours.

If you’ve lived in essentially the same place your whole life, and you have seldom or never been anywhere else, you tend to talk only to people who think like you. Some individuals find it very useful to speak to people and to interact with them if they come from very different places philosophically and psychologically. Experiences with these people are waiting out there for you, somewhere beyond the horizon.

If you spend some time away from all that’s familiar to you, it can help you determine which direction you want your life to go when you come back. If you’re on the fence about buying a house, changing careers, asking out someone with whom you’ve been in the friend zone, etc., traveling can put things in perspective like never before.

Don’t feel like you need tons of money to do it, either. If you’re willing to live a little bit frugally along the way, you can make it work by staying in hostels and camping out whenever the opportunity presents itself.


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