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The 5 best budget cars for a road trip

What to drive when traveling overland.

Road trip

Sometimes you can’t travel without a car, because not everywhere you can get on public transport. I know about this from my own experience. In this article, I will tell you which low-cost cars you should pay attention to if you are planning to go on a road trip.

 The impossible is possible

It may seem that a sports car is not about budget travel. There may be some piece of truth, but not to Kia Stinger. This 300 horsepower car with a 2.5L turbocharged engine will surprise you with a roomy trunk and nice price. 

You can hire a car for the number of days you need – it’s very convenient. If this model doesn’t suit you, you can go, for example, to Dubai sports car rental and pick up something else. Modern rental companies offer fast and convenient service. So hop on a rental car (for example, Kia Stinger), sit on leather heated seats, enjoy the beautiful sound of music and view through a large hatch.

Capacious Ford Focus Estate

The predecessor of this model was often scolded for a small trunk, but now the 608-liter trunk of the station wagon fit the belongings of all passengers. In addition, there is more space for the head and legs.

Moreover, Estate received the highest 5 stars from Euro NCAP for safety. So that even children can be transported. Budget travelers will also enjoy an economical consumption of fuel. 

Passing the time on the road will help 13.2-inch central touch screen.

With a breeze

Car in desert

If you are going for a short trip and the weather is warm enough, we recommend you to look at MINI Convertible. Of course, it is not as fast as Lamborghini or Ferrari, but driving it is no less fun. Also, to ride in this convertible will have to sacrifice some luggage. But if there are only two passengers, we can use the back seats. 

Driving such a model is a pleasure, especially on winding roads. It is there that the benefits of steering this car are felt. The model is also quite economical, especially with manual transmission.

Super comfort

If for you in choosing a car the main rubbish and a lot of space – we recommend Citroën C3 Aircross. It will delight with plenty of space for legs and head, as well as a roomy 520-liter trunk. With the rear seats folded, it can more than double. 

Some models are equipped with a panoramic glass roof that opens. It is also worth mentioning that this is a modern car with a lot of technology and safety features. There are also diesel versions of the car.

Note that the machine can be equipped with a manual or automatic gearbox. The drive can be front or full. For acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour, it takes 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 185 kilometers per hour.

Considered decision

CarFor many Ford B-Max is associated with road travel. Built-in blinds save from the sun, and folding seats allow passengers to comfortably settle down and even sleep. A satellite navigation system that is voice-activated will keep you from getting lost. And the trunk can be opened and closed with a key ring, without leaving the car. 

In case of a car accident, the car can call 911 itself and tell your location. Passengers also appreciate the rear sliding doors. Thanks to this, it is easy to drop off passengers in any place, as well as to attach child seats.

The model is also very economical. On average consumes a gallon for 57 miles. Very stable and quiet to operate, comfortable on long distances.


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