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The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Boat Party

Tips for hosting the best boat party

Boat party

Celebrations, whether big or small, are always special, and going out on a boat is a hobby and something most Americans love doing. In fact, every year, an estimated 100 million people in the United States go boating.  

So, if you love the sea, you might be planning to host a boat party. However, hosting a party on your boat is not as easy as you might think. And without the right experience, you will mostly encounter unbearable problems later.

The good news is that the following guide will help you. Here are some tips to organize an unforgettable boat party for your friends or family.

Create a budget and stick to it

Just like in any other party planning, you need a budget. However, you might experience some issues if you don’t know how much the party will cost. How are you going to create the budget if you don’t know anything about boat parties? 

That said, the first thing to do is research everything you will need, or consider asking a friend who has the experience of hosting boat parties.

On the other hand, if you have no one to ask, go online and browse the average prices of things you will need. Don’t focus on finding the cheapest things, these will help you know what to expect and the amount you should save in case of an emergency.

Choose a boat

Another thing you need to do early is to pick the right boat for your party. Picking the wrong boat is a big mistake that you should avoid at all costs. The good news is that there are various factors you can consider when choosing a boat. For instance, the number of guests.

Get the guest list and restrict your choices to boats that are big enough to accommodate everyone on your list. Don’t forget to count the crew members, which helps when choosing a boat. Also, it will be best to get a bimini top to protect you and your guests from the sun and rain. They also make a boat more enjoyable, and the best part is that they protect the interior of the boat from premature wear and fading.

Pick the theme

Planning begins with the visualization of the type of party you want. The theme could be an anniversary, an achievement, or a party for no reason. After deciding on the theme, you can start sending invites to your guests so they know what to wear to the party and what to expect. Choosing the theme will also help you choose the best decoration and menu, and the type of entertainment.

Prepare food and drinks assortments with caution

Planning a boat party is never complete without food and drinks. Your preferred beverages and meals will be subject to the type and theme of the party. For instance, if you are planning a fancy or formal dinner party, it will be a great idea to consider three-course meal prep for your guests. 

Other factors that must be considered when picking the beverages and meals for your guests are the duration of the party, budget, food allergies, and the age of your invitees.

Hire a DJ

Boat party DJ

What is a party without music? Remember that there is a difference between an experienced DJ and an unprofessional DJ. Also, hiring a DJ that is not experienced will greatly affect the experience of your guests. When choosing a DJ for your boat party, ensure that you check their past events and reputation.

Summing Up

Planning a party is not a walk in the park, especially if it is on a boat. However, the above tips will help you plan the best boat party for your friends and family. It is now time to start thinking about your next boat party.


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