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Save Money for Travel

  • How To Travel The World When You Have Student Loans

    Have student loans? You can still travel the world.

  • China Is Still A Cheap Country To LIVE In

    I was recently asked by a friend how much it costs to live in China. I had to think about this for a moment, and then replied, “China is incredibly cheap to live in, but it’s not so cheap to travel in.” No matter what country you’re in, living there or traveling there puts you [...]

  • Save Money, Buy Last Year’s Travel Gear

    This is an incredibly simple tip that could save you 50% or more on just about any technical piece of travel gear you intend to purchase new. By technical, I mean gear that is updated and improved by manufacturers on an almost yearly basis — things like cameras, boots, GPS devices, backpacks, laptop computers, smart [...]

  • Budget Travel Guide for Travelers Who Care

    PUERTO ANGEL, Mexico- There are two restaurants right next to each other on the beach of Puerto Angel that are virtually the same in almost every way. They both serve the same food, they both serve the same beer, they both have the same plastic tables and chairs and umbrellas sitting out on the beach [...]

  • Dominican Republic Food Strategy

    SOSUA, Dominican Republic- “Where do the Dominican people get their food from here?” my wife rhetorically asked in a huff, “They are in the same stores we are but I can’t believe they are spending this much money!” “If we had the answer to that question we would have our food strategy,” I replied while [...]

  • How to Eat Cheaply Eat Beans and Rice

    Want to eat cheaply? The dry bean experiment — A travelogue entry on the cost benefits of eating dry beans. Traveling with an electric burner or another cooking device, a pot, and putting the time into cooking a couple loads of beans a week could dramatically lower the cost of travel. Vagabond Journey Travel Tips [...]

  • Archaeology Fieldwork Good for Travelers

    This is a travelogue entry about how doing archaeology fieldwork is a good profession to get into if you want to travel. As with other traveling contract jobs, archaeologists in the USA get their living expenses on the road paid for them in addition to their standard pay. Doing archaeology is a good way to [...]

  • How to Eat Roadkill

    Eat Roadkill to Save Travel Funds — This travelogue entry suggests another way to save money to travel by eating roadkill. If done properly, roadkill can provide an occasional free meal when the opportunity arises. This entry also shows how to skin and dress a squirrel. Part of the philosophy of travel is to never [...]

  • How to Make Money to Travel Project Completed

    If you want to travel you need to make money … somehow.

  • Cruising the World by Sea Expenses

    How much does it cost to travel by sea?